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E-commerce Websites - Home Page Content Tips!
As an e-commerce platform, your home page plays the most important part in promoting your site. The home page content not only markets your business to the customers, but also to the search engines. For your site to show up high in search engine results, you need to have the right content on your home page, so that the site is promoted in a wholesome manner.

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At CandidInfo, we understand the value of ‘Content’ and how it alone can make or break a website and its traffic. Since, we are in the field of website development, we know that it is extremely important to keep the content of your website as innovative as possible, yet keeping it streamlined and simple. On an average your website will lose 7% or more of your website traffic, because of faulty or unconvincing content.

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Have you ever wondered what softwares Candidinfo uses to create and complete all our slick projects? No tough job this one, only you need to know that some of the best softwares do not come with a hefty price tag. Also, the best softwares, do not have to be complicated with too many features you know nothing about. Listed below are some of our favorites and obviously the leading Open source programs available.

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Honestly so. Content has become the charming lady of the king’s court. She gets all the eyes, she is second only to the king. Because the good content that is not accessible & persuasive is as good as archived material in a public library. The queen has adorned a new look. It’s called persuasive copywriting. It’s the art of copywriting combined with the science of persuasion built around an intuitive framework. Our copywriters are trained in the new medium. Here they will share the techniques and their midas ways of turning content into gold.

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