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Posted by Navneet Kaushal on | Comments Off on How To Communicate With Website Designers?

HowSo, why is your message not getting across? Either the artist has an impregnable shield, or maybe you are communicating in the wrong way? Here is a brief discussion on the understanding your website designers and the right way of communicating with them.

Designers Are Different From The Rest Of Us

Posted by Navneet Kaushal on | Comments Off on 10 Must Check-up Points for a Website!

If you want to mark a presence on World Wide Web, it is necessary that you constantly evaluate your website and improve it further. But, how to go about it?

Posted by Navneet Kaushal on | Comments Off on Knowing the Site Page Load Time from Different Locations

Page load time is crucial for a website, as a lesser time interval indicates that you value your visitors and don’t want to keep them waiting at any cost. Candid knows the importance of Page Load time and always ensures that it uses tools like WatchMouse Web Monitor in the web designing services to give your site a lesser page load duration.

Posted by Navneet Kaushal on | Comments Off on 5 Best Open Source and Alternatives to Photoshop

Adobe Photoshop is the most popular tool amongst designers as it comes with lots of photo editing tools and versatile features. But, the biggest problem in front of any designer who wants to own Photoshop is its price. There are numerous open source and completely free programs that are loaded with features similar to Photoshop and some times even more.

Posted by Navneet Kaushal on | Comments Off on Reviewing the Quality of Web Page with YAML Debug

YAML Debug
The new YAML Debug Tool is really handy for web designers who want to leave no flaws in their work. The assistive tool allows one to quick review the quality of code and semantic structure during website designing. The tool also helps in testing the site against common oversights.

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