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Bringing common yet critical layout elements to make an impressive and informative website design is a challenging task for graphic designers. The team of designers at Candid have expertise in the area and often look out for tools that could help them work with more ease and add perfection to the designing task.

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CSS Layout Generation Tools
It is true that coders prefer to write the CSS manually, but at times they look for alternatives to finish the task quickly. And this is where the use of CSS layout generation tools comes.
Apart from these professional coders, many of us also want to code website in CSS, but don’t have any idea how to do it? Let’s discuss some of the simple and easy CSS generation tools that have been of great help in Candid’s project accomplishment process and will definitely be helpful to you.

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With the increasing collaboration of outsourcing, distance learning, telecommuting and complex projects, it is necessary to have tools, which assist in accurately accomplishing the tasks assigned to teams dispersed all across the globe. Here is our list of essential free web tools, which we at Candid been using to help us and our team to a common assigned project in proper co-ordination while sitting at different locations.

Posted by Navneet Kaushal on | Comments Off on The Free Site Validator: Validate Your Entire Website!

Free Site Validator
The process of validating the markup of a website is now quiet easy and quick. One can do the same by either installing the HTML Validator Extension or using the Tools– Validate HTML option present in the Web Developer Extension. However, the trick question is how to validate an entire website in order to spot errors that are causing problems for the visitors of the website.

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Blog Footer Design
It is often seen that footers are considered lowest on the priority list of the entire blog design. In most case, the footers are basic, conventional and uninspiring. Which is quite surprising, since a good and attractive footer can go a long way in leaving a positive impression in the minds of the readers.

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