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Posted by Navneet Kaushal on | Comments Off on 560 Cool Icons and Absolutely Free

Hey! all you software development folks out there. If you are into website development and design, and have been looking for icons for long now, you know that there are quite a few available online but most of the good ones come for a price. You may find resources to free ones as well but usually the quality is not all that impressive.

Posted by Navneet Kaushal on | Comments Off on Free and Exciting Web 2.0 Web Badges!

Here’s a collection of catchy and fashionable web badges for free usage by Web20Badges. You might wanna use some of these to make your website more attractive and impressive.

Posted by Navneet Kaushal on | Comments Off on Web 2.0 Demystified

Web 2.0 goes synonymous with the second-generation of Internet-based services which include social networking sites, communication tools, and providing a common platform to let people collaborate and share information on-line, in untraditional ways. Web 2.0 has become the buzzword among the technical and marketing communities in the present scenario.

Posted by Navneet Kaushal on | Comments Off on Designer’s Wonderland

The designers at Candidinfo are megatalented, overbloated creatures obsessed with their creativity. They are the remnants of the lost species who splattered their souls out on a canvas. The only difference is that these guys use dreamweaver and pour their souls in Web 2.0 formats. Here they take a few moments off to discuss the latest in web designing, new trends tools and their very original escapades at Candidinfo.

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