W3C Releases New Mobile Application Guidelines!
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W3C Releases New Mobile Application Guidelines!

We all know that the WWW or the world wide web has established concrete roots in the world of mobile communications, as each day more and more users are accessing Internet and it resources through their mobile phones. However, as with any other technology, an authority is required to oversee its smooth functioning.

Hence, the World Wide Web Consortium (W3C) has released some very important guidelines to be followed by the Webmasters, who present their websites, products and services on the mobile phone browsers. These guidelines are intended to create certain quality standards, dedicated towards improving the user experience of the Internet, specifically on mobile devices.

Here is the Press Release from W3C:

W3C Standards Make Mobile Web Experience More Inviting:

2008-07-29: W3C today announced new standards that will make it easier for people to browse the Web on mobile devices. Mobile Web Best Practices 1.0, published as a W3C Recommendation by the Mobile Web Best Practices Working Group, condenses the experience of many mobile Web stakeholders into practical advice on creating mobile-friendly content. These guidelines will help to improve the experience of people browsing the Web on a wide array of mobile handsets. W3C published a second standard today: XHTML Basic 1.1 Recommendation, the preferred format specification of the Best Practices. With this, there is now a full convergence in mobile markup languages, including those developed by the Open Mobile Alliance (OMA). The Working Group also published today the first draft of a next generation of guidelines, Mobile Web Application Best Practices, aimed at mobile Web applications. Read the press release and testimonials, try the W3C mobileOK checker (beta), and learn more about W3C’s Mobile Web Initiative (MWI).

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