Yahoo! launches online image optimizer!
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Yahoo! has come out with an amazing Web-based Image optimization tool Smush it!
The tool is geared up with a lot of features to help you to minimize your page size and load time! One can upload images as well as Urls as the tool will assist the user to download the decreased file size image in a zip file.

“The Web-based tool, called Smush It, can perform multiple operations to shrink graphics file sizes without impairing visual appeal,” Chris Heilmann of the Yahoo! Developer Network said in a blog post.


online image optimizer
According to the Yahoo! Developer Network:

“Nicole Sullivan and Stoyan Stefanov are dedicated to making the web a faster place. As integral parts of the Exceptional Performance Team they already shared a lot of crucial information of how to make your web sites faster.

One thing they’ve been pondering a lot about lately is image optimization for file size. Image editing tools come with all kind of great ways to optimize images for visual quality and file size, but when you look at the image in a text or hex editor you’ll find that there is a lot of extra information in the file, for example the name of the editing suite, dates when the picture was created and lots more.

There are a lot of tools that remove this information safely and get the most out of the images without having an effect on their visual quality. The catch is that there are a lot of tools for a lot of image formats, all of them on the command line.”

As described on the website:

“Image optimization is an art that not many people master. There are many good image editing tools that allow us to get the best visual result for a certain file size but “under the hood” a lot more optimization can be done.

Smushit.com is a service that goes beyond the limitations of Photoshop, Fireworks & Co. It uses image format specific non-lossy image optimization tools to squeeze the last bytes out of your images – without changing their look or visual quality. You’ll get a report of how many bytes you can save by optimizing your images and all the changed images as a single zip for download.

Smush it comes in different flavors:

  • You can upload a bunch of pictures in your browser
  • You can provide us with a list of image Urls or
  • You can get a Firefox Extension to optimize the images found on any web page

Saving bytes has never been so easy – you point us in the right direction, and we’ll do the rest for you. A ZIP archive with optimized images will be generated for you.”

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