Drupalize Your Website with New 6.9 and 5.15 Versions
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The Drupal development team has recently announced the release of Drupal 6.9 and 5.15, which are not full content management system versions but have some really useful features. What makes the Candid team more enthusiastic about the new versions, is their effectiveness against all the bugs and security issues that were reported by users and the members of the Drupal community. This is not all, we have also upgraded ourselves to the new Drupal versions for providing open source solutions to clients.

Drupal 6.9 and 5.15 have solved major security issues like:

  • Earlier, the users with active “translate content” permission were able to easily bypass the normal viewing permissions to access some unpublished or restricted content. But, Drupal 6.9 has fixed this problem.
  • With the new versions, users with pictures in profiles can not enter invalid emails or user names.
  • In the new versions, additional validation feature is added to minimize the possible SQL injection.

Some major bug fixed in the version include:

  • Documentation clean up.
  • Now the language selection domain looks at HTTP_HOST and not the SERVER_NAME.
  • The new versions have more accurate checking for valid URLs.
  • You will no longer face problems like interactive authentication, redirects and hosting added JavaScript code while looking for the local page.
  • With new versions, Global constraints will not be created twice in PostgreSQL.

Candid supports this content management system for the extreme functionality and flexibility it provides. The system is highly reliable for developing any type of website, thus, we are recommend it to all our clients.

Download Drupal 6.9.

Download Drupal 5.15.

Check out recent sites developed in Drupal by Candid.

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