Internet Explorer 8 Beta Launched!
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Windows Internet Explorer has announced the release of the Internet Explorer 8 Beta. The annoucement was made by IE’s General Manager Dean Hachamovitch. It is considered to be an important milestone for the IE team. Here are some of the end-user features that can be seen on the Internet Explorer 8 Beta:


Through Activities which are contextual services, the users can quickly access a service from any webpage. The Internet Explorer 8 Activities makes the common pattern of copying and pasting from one webpage to another a much easier task than what it used to be.

Internet Explorer 8 Beta Launched!
The user can install and manage Activities services from the Internet Explorer 8 Service Guide or through any website that advertises Activities.


It is a new feature for websites through which the users can directly subscribe to content from a webpage. The WebSlices are much like the feeds where clients can subscribe to get updates and notify the user of changes.

Internet Explorer 8 Beta Launched!
The users can even add the WebSlices found within a webpage onto the Favorites bar. The Favorites bar is a dedicated row below the Address bar for easy access to links. Further the new IE8 can detect changes in the WebSlice and notifies the user of updates. The users on the other hand can, then preview these updates directly from the Favorites bar and click-through to the website to get more information.

Favorites Bar

Those of you who have used the Internet Explorer 7, will know that there is this Links bar which gives the users a one-click access to their favorite sites. Now with the IE8, the Links bar has undergone a complete change and has been renamed as the Favorites bar. So as to enable the users to associate this bar as a place to put and easily access all their favorite web content such as links, feeds, WebSlices and even Word, Excel and PowerPoint documents.

Internet Explorer 8 Beta Launched!
Further more, as a user you can very easily add a link to the Favorites bar by using the Add to Favorites button and selecting the Add to Favorites Bar option.

Internet Explorer 8 Beta Launched!
Automatic Crash Recovery

With the Automatic Crash Recovery (ACR) featured on the Internet Explorer 8 you can prevent the loss of work and productivity in the unlikely event of the browser crashing or hanging. It even features a tab recovery capability, which can will help minimize interruptions to users’ browsing sessions.

Internet Explorer 8 Beta Launched!
Improved Phishing Filter

The Phishing Filter was introduced with the Internet Explorer 7. And now it only gets better with Internet Explorer 8, which now features a Safety Filter. This Safety Filter will not only block known Phishing sites, but also will now blocks sites known to contain malicious software that could harm users’ computer or steal their information. Also, it operates more quickly than ever before to ensure that users can browse both safely and quickly.

Internet Explorer 8 Beta Launched!
Current beta is available for Windows Vista (“Gold” and SP1), Windows Server 2008, Windows Server 2003 SP2, and Windows XP SP2 and SP3, both in 32- and 64-bit versions. Further, Internet Explorer also plans to release beta in German and Simplified Chinese soon.

We being a Web development company, certainly believe that great web experiences starts with good web developers. Therefore, we want to engage our developers first to test the IE8. As we think that those who build a better browser for the people who use the web, are the best judges of any web browser for that matter.

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