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WordPress 2.7 Launched: Coolest Version Yet!

We at Candid always likes to keep ourselves updated about new online tools, WordPress themes and other upgradations in the industry. The amazing features of WordPress 2.7, codenamed “Coltrane” has made us talk about this newly launched open source tool. We are so excited about the new version that we have already started developing WordPress themes and integrating plugins with WordPress 2.7.

The first thing you will notice about WordPress 2.7 is its interface, which is completely different. WordPress team listened to all the users’ feedback, figured out the innovations they could include and came out with an incredible 2.7. The fully customizable dashboard makes it easy for users to drag and drop menu items to manage the admin. Plus, the WordPress 2.7 gives a flexibility to choose the options you want to show on dashboard.

There is a new feature called “quick post”, where you can do quick blogging without wasting time. Users can also complete bulk actions like moderating and replying to comments, writing a new post through the interface.

The amazing features of WordPress 2.7 have now set high standards for other blogging platforms. Most striking thing about the product is that it’s offered for free.

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