X-Cart v4.2: A More Feature Rich and Supple Shopping Cart Software
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Candid likes to keep up with the latest in the world of shopping cart softwares and e-commerce tools. When it comes to designing, we are expert in bringing out best online store designs by using X-Cart. Recently, a new version X-Cart v4.2 has come up with all the coolest in-demand features. It is so flexible and advanced that our experts have started using it for e-commerce projects.

Use of X-Cart v4.2 in e-commerce designing work will help our clients in defining META tags for each storefront page and the search engine optimization of their product category will thus improve. There are many improvements done in the version, which include:

Enhanced Support for Dimensional and Per-provider Shipping

You can now find out the exact per provider shipping cost by knowing the location addresses. By taking product dimensions into account, the version also splits orders into separate packages and this is what makes it more advanced than X-Cart.

Automatic thumbnails generation and sharpening

Forget about manually working on X-Cart to get attractive product images. The v4.2 version automatically generates the product thumbnails and image sharpness with “unsharp mask” filter.

Better support for payment gateways

X-Cart v4.2 is simply superb when it comes to advanced external systems like payment options. Candid is using the new version, so that you can be benefited from authorized/ capture support features, which are especially meant for gateways like: PayPal, LinkPoint, Pro and Pro, Authorize.Net and Server Integration methods, Virtual Merchant, Protx VSP Direct and NetRegistry e-commerce.

Export of newsletter subscribers

There is another reason to cheer up. With the new version v4.2, you can now synchronize X-Cart’s data with a third-party newsletter service by exporting the e-mail subscribers from X-Cart.

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