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The Drupal development team has recently announced the release of Drupal 6.9 and 5.15, which are not full content management system versions but have some really useful features. What makes the Candid team more enthusiastic about the new versions, is their effectiveness against all the bugs and security issues that were reported by users and the members of the Drupal community. This is not all, we have also upgraded ourselves to the new Drupal versions for providing open source solutions to clients. Continue reading

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Back in January 2008, when I converted from a PC to a MacBook Pro, I decided to find out applications those were recommended for the Mac. There are many features in Mac OSX that are missing in Windows.

Let me share with you some of the applications present in my OSX doc, which are used on a daily basis and prove to be of a great help to all the Mac users and web designers.

Adobe Creative Suite

Adobe Creative Suite
This is a primary and must have requirement for all web designers. It is really difficult to get through the day without a photoshop, illustrator and flash. Fireworks is also said to be good for compressing images. Continue reading

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Website Designing Dilemma

Time is worth a lot of money, especially in case of a business owners. So, the question of whether to go for a templated website or to get it custom designed, is often very confusing. Candid understands the requirement of every client and has expertise in providing both templated as well as custom web designing services. All the banners, corporate logos and websites are designed on latest softwares by using most advanced tools.

We have seen that most clients approaching us are not too sure of which designing solution to choose from. The basic difference between the two is that templates are website designs that have been already created and designed, whereas custom designs are made as per the specifications given by the client.

When we talk about templates, you have the freedom to see what you are buying, before you pay for it. With our professional website templates, you don’t have to start from scratch, you can just select ready- made template to build a functional, attractive and successful website. Some other benefits include:

  • Templates are less expensive than customized websites.
  • You get to do immediate download after the purchase.

Before going for a templated website, you should also consider some of its disadvantages:

  • You can only add your choice of graphic/ color and do minor changes in the template.
  • You might find your competitor coming out with same website design.
  • The hand-crafted look is missing in the custom templates.

One should know that e-business is not only about selling online or having a website. You will be successful only if, you are able to create a hold over the market. This can be done by choosing right web designing solution for your business. Here are some facts you must consider before designing a website.

  • The businesses dealing with the creative industry, or the brand centered business must opt for custom designs.
  • Websites, those revolve around a single person, must be hand crafted to fit into the personality of the reader.
  • If your website is more of a corporate or brochure type, then it is better to go for a template design.

Before outsourcing website designing work to a company, it is essential that you understand the basic difference between template and custom design websites. This is really going to help you in getting best output from the service provider.

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Bringing common yet critical layout elements to make an impressive and informative website design is a challenging task for graphic designers. The team of designers at Candid have expertise in the area and often look out for tools that could help them work with more ease and add perfection to the designing task.

We have come up with 10 essential Firefox add ons, which will make graphic and web designing work easier. These are really easy to install and you also get notifications when the new version of a particular add on is launched. Let’s know more about the add ons used and recommended by our designers:

ColorZilla 1.0

It is an advanced eyedropper, measuring and color picker tool specially meant for graphic designers.

Download ColorZilla


Fire FTP
It is a free, secure, browser based FTP, which allows designers to access their server via Firefox and relieve them from the trouble of launching a separate program for the same function.

Download Fire FTP


It is another highly useful version that will allow you to take screen shot of your web page. The tool has some in-built annotation tools to add graphics and notes on the page.

Download FireShot


Foxy tunes is a kick butt add on, especially made for those who love to listen to music while designing. The tool will allow you to control any feature of the media player from your browser. You can also find lyrics, covers and other things by using Foxy Tunes.

Download FoxyTunes


It is a highly advanced Firefox extension, which allows designers to overlay a customizable grid on any website. This will ensure that the grid you have designed in the layout is correctly translated to the web.

Download GridFox

IE Tab

IE Tab
This is a useful tool for the designers who want to check if their website is looking good on Internet Explorer. And if you want to switch back to Firefox, a simple click will do your work.

Download IE Tab


It allow designers to overlay a rules on browser page to verify width, height and alignment of all the page elements.

Download MeasureIt

Palette Grabber

Palette Grabber
It is a cool, little add on that will create a color of palette in Photoshop, Paint shop pro, Flash, GIMP, OS X and Fireworks depending on the current page being viewed on the browser.

Download Palette Grabber

Web Developer

Web Developer
It is one of the most popular Firefox add with variety of tools that will allow designers to code quality websites and deal with troubleshooting easily.

Download Web Developer

Window Resizer

Window Resizer
The window resizer add on will resize your browser to common resolution size and it will also allow you to view website designs on different browsing dimensions.

Download Window Resizer

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Shopping Cart
Candid likes to keep up with the latest in the world of shopping cart softwares and e-commerce tools. When it comes to designing, we are expert in bringing out best online store designs by using X-Cart. Recently, a new version X-Cart v4.2 has come up with all the coolest in-demand features. It is so flexible and advanced that our experts have started using it for e-commerce projects.

Use of X-Cart v4.2 in e-commerce designing work will help our clients in defining META tags for each storefront page and the search engine optimization of their product category will thus improve. There are many improvements done in the version, which include:

Enhanced Support for Dimensional and Per-provider Shipping

You can now find out the exact per provider shipping cost by knowing the location addresses. By taking product dimensions into account, the version also splits orders into separate packages and this is what makes it more advanced than X-Cart.

Automatic thumbnails generation and sharpening

Forget about manually working on X-Cart to get attractive product images. The v4.2 version automatically generates the product thumbnails and image sharpness with “unsharp mask” filter.

Better support for payment gateways

X-Cart v4.2 is simply superb when it comes to advanced external systems like payment options. Candid is using the new version, so that you can be benefited from authorized/ capture support features, which are especially meant for gateways like: PayPal, LinkPoint, Pro and Pro, Authorize.Net and Server Integration methods, Virtual Merchant, Protx VSP Direct and NetRegistry e-commerce.

Export of newsletter subscribers

There is another reason to cheer up. With the new version v4.2, you can now synchronize X-Cart’s data with a third-party newsletter service by exporting the e-mail subscribers from X-Cart.

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