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Screen Recorder
The ScreenToaster is an online screen recorder. The software is completely free and enables you to make tutorials, demos and even screencasts. One can record all the proceedings on the screen without any download. The application is compatible with all major operating systems, such as Windows, mac OS X and Linux. The software also enables one to share videos on the Internet through Flash as well as embed them on blogs/webpages. You can even send the recordings through e-mail.

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Free Site Validator
The process of validating the markup of a website is now quiet easy and quick. One can do the same by either installing the HTML Validator Extension or using the Tools– Validate HTML option present in the Web Developer Extension. However, the trick question is how to validate an entire website in order to spot errors that are causing problems for the visitors of the website.

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Blog Footer Design
It is often seen that footers are considered lowest on the priority list of the entire blog design. In most case, the footers are basic, conventional and uninspiring. Which is quite surprising, since a good and attractive footer can go a long way in leaving a positive impression in the minds of the readers.

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Product Planner was introduced in the market with the sole motto of helping people understand and craft user flows for their online web products! The main idea is to look at various examples that other successful web products have to offer, and then get a better idea out of them all. Then create your own User Flows and Demo Tour.

Product Planner
Product Planner is always immensely beneficial in crafting demo tour for web applications as well. The applications assist the user in understanding as to how one can use the web application by going through the work flow step by step with screenshots

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Wordpress blog themes been pretty popular these days and with our developers churning our almost one theme a day! its time we share some of the tricks for the designer in you.

We have compiled a list of tutorials to help the designers understand as to how one can develop WordPress Themes.

Designing for WordPress: Chris Coyier of CSS-Tricks has provided with a three part video in order to install WordPress. Here is the example.

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