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A Preliminary Draft Of HTML 5.0 Published!
The long-awaited HTML 5.0’s early draft has finally been published. In a decade’s time since HTML 4 was first published in December 1997, the Internet has undergone a sea change and this latest release should very well reflect and meet the growing needs of the users.

The announcement came on January 22, 2008. Most of the new inclusions pertain to APIs for 2D Drawing, better control over embedded multimedia and a comprehensive listing h/uas been provided here.

Tim Berners-Lee, author of the first version of HTML and W3C Director said “HTML is of course a very important standard,…I am glad to see that the community of developers, including browser vendors, is working together to create the best possible path for the Web. To integrate the input of so many people is hard work, as is the challenge of balancing stability with innovation, pragmatism with idealism.”

“Web sites reflect this progress: no longer static page collections, they are now media-rich communities that leverage participation and evolve dynamically to better meet customer needs. Ajax and related innovations have propelled demands for a new standard that allows people to create Web applications that interoperate across desktop and mobile platforms.” The group said.

According to the W3C Group, HTML 5 would also improve interoperability and help in reducing software costs. This would be achieved by outlining precise rules about how to recover errors in addition to providing guidelines about handling all correct HTML documents.

The HTML 5 is being created by the HTML Working Group to be an open, royalty-free specification for rich Web content and applications. The working group comprises a total of 500 participants along with the several representatives from the corporate entities which are a members of the W3C, these include: ACCESS, AOL, Apple, Google, IBM, Microsoft, Mozilla, Nokia, and Opera.

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As a user, social bookmarking allows you to submit, comment on, and promote your website. While at present you can integrate your WordPress Blog with various social bookmarking sites such as Digg.com, Del.icio.us, Reddit etc, it requires you to edit templates and tweak on a couple of other fronts.

Gregarious is a social bookmarking plugin that enables an integration with the new Digg API, Alex King’s Share This plugin, Reddit button and Feedburner’s Feedflare into a single, easy to use package. Its AJAX interface facilitates customization, and the various options give you the power of control. Gregarious is a module based system, and it can have as many or as little features based on your choice.


The Modules available include:

  • Digg button
  • Digg extra (advanced template tags)
  • Share This
  • Reddit button
  • Feedburner FeedFlare
  • PostBadge

However there’s a downside as well and that is the author no longer guarantees support for this plugin as he’s pressed for time.

The General Features of the plugin entail:

Complete admin interface with options regarding all configurable aspects of plugin including styles, display options (show on post, page, home, etc.) Digg link style (button, image or text link), and more.

Automatic check for updates, so you’re never out of date.

No template customizations or coding knowledge necessary as the plugin handles everything for you.

You can choose the position of the buttons. Do you want them before or after you post content?

Digg specific features:

Uses the brand new Digg API to generate dynamic buttons.

Gregarious automatically knows if your post has been “Dugg” using DiggDetect™.

You decide what to show for posts which have been Dugg or those which are yet to be Dugg. You can customize the links, show a dynamic or compact badge, an image – or choose not to show anything.Digg Icon

Configurable “What’s this?” link, so your users know exactly what they’re up against.

Ease up on the bandwidth by using a text link instead of an image or Digg button if you need to.

Reddit integration

Choose between three styles of buttons, from the eye-candy laden to the minimalistic.

Customize the position of the button easily from the options page.

Easy to use with no work required.

Other social bookmarking sites

Submit your post to heaps of bookmarking sites with Alex Kings’s Share This plugin built right into Gregarious

Take advantage of further customization with options for Share This in the Gregarious admin panel.

Add, remove, edit or rearrange social sites for the Share This plugin.

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If you are a web designer you know very well that selecting just the right font for your design can be quite challenging. While there are quite a few excellent fonts available out there, most of the time we find that the best ones often come for a hefty price. In the wake of these issues faced by our designers, we decided to share and review this excellent resource from Urbanfonts, comprising 8000 freeware fonts with everyone.



The whole website has been well structured which makes it quite easy to browse and select the fonts of your choice. On top of the page in the “Browse Free Fonts” section as you take you mouse over the font category it shows you a preview of the type font which can save you a lot of valuable time. A click on one of the categories and the landing page shows you the listing of the fonts along with larger previews. Not only that you also have the option to change the text, change font size, choose a background and more. See below:


Since there are so many fonts to choose from, on the right side of the home page you have the “Top Searches” area can let you preview the most popular fonts, a good way to know what’s in. Further, you also have the font blog which is replete with the latest news about the fonts, moreover on the blog forum you can share with the like minded designers your opinions, ideas, etc.

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There is a free and customizable Flash image viewing application available at SimpleViewer. While many features are free, but if you would like to have access to advanced customization options you would need to buy the SimpleViewer-Pro instead.


The key features of the product entail:

  • Intelligent image pre-loading.
  • Intuitive image navigation
  • Lightweight (17k).
  • Customizable interface – Set text color, frame color and width, navigation position.
  • Resizable interface – Interface scales to fit browser window.
  • Cross platform – Windows/Macintosh/Linux (requires Flash 7 or higher).
  • Flash 7 detection. Users without Flash 7 are messaged to upgrade Flash.
  • International font support.
  • Keyboard Navigation (Cursor keys, Home, End, Page Up/Down)
  • Mousewheel navigation
  • Optionally right-click to open image in a new window.

If offers functionality for creating galleries in several different ways. First, through the svManager which is a PHP application that runs on your webserver. It provides a user interface for managing SimpleViewer galleries. Second, you can automatically create a SimpleViewer gallery from your desktop software e.g. PhotoShop, Picas, etc. Third, you can automatically create a gallery through a script that runs on your web server, eg PHP, ASP and Cold Fusion. Fourth, you can manually create a gallery through a text editor and image editing software. Additionally, you can use a FlickrViewer or even WordPress, with a plugin, WP-SimpleViewer, which integrates SimpleViewer galleries into WordPress.

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Sun Microsystems, Inc. has announced today about a definitive agreement to acquire MySQL AB. MySQL AB is well-known in the open source world and it develops one of the world’s most progressive open source databases for approximately $1 billion in value.


This move by Sun Microsystems, Inc. is slated to consolidate its position in enterprise IT, in the $15 billion database market. This move is yet an step highlighting Sun’s commitment towards being the leader in providing platforms for the Web economy as well as being the largest commercial open source contributor.

MySQL’s open source database is deployed far and wide spreading across geographies, hardware vendors, major operating systems, industries and application types. Some of the worldwide deployments include Facebook, Google, Nokia, Baidu and China Mobile. The widespread usage of MySQL’s open source database software can be ascertained from the fact that over 100 million copies of its software have been downloaded and distributed. Moreover, about 50,000 copies are downloaded daily.

Jonathan Schwartz, CEO and president, Sun Microsystems said, “Today’s acquisition reaffirms Sun’s position at the center of the global Web economy. Supporting our overall growth plan, acquiring MySQL amplifies our investments in the technologies demanded by those driving extreme growth and efficiency, from Internet media titans to the world’s largest traditional enterprises,…MySQL’s employees and culture, along with its near ubiquity across the Web, make it an ideal fit with Sun’s open approach to network innovation. And most importantly, this announcement boosts our investments into the communities at the heart of innovation on the Internet and of enterprises that rely on technology as a competitive weapon.”

MySQL’s open source database is a software platform made up of Linux, Apache, MySQL and PHP/Perl which is considered by many as the foundation of the Internet. Sun has plans to further improve and optimize the “LAMP stack” on GNU/Linux, Microsoft Windows, OpenSolaris and MAC OS X. Further, the MySQL, OpenSolaris and GlassFish coupled with Sun’s Java NetBeans communities and platforms would lead to the development of ever powerful Web applications platform enabling a broad base of customers to switch their applications on the Internet

The fiscal stakes entail, Sun paying “approximately $800 million in cash in exchange for all MySQL stock and assume approximately $200 million in options.” The deal is expected to materialize by late Q3 or early Q4 of Sun’s financial year, 2008.

A media conference call would be held January 16, 2008 at 10:00 am EST, 7:00 am PST. You can access the call here.

In case you’re unable to catch the live conference call, you can catch the telephone replay up to one week after the call by dialing (888) 566-0103 or outside of the U.S. by dialing (402) 998-0958. No passcode is needed.

Via: Sun News: Sun Microsystems Inc.

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