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December 25, 2007. Here came Christmas and the much awaited Christmas celebrations at Candid kicked off in style. It was a beautiful evening and all those present (most of the Candidians were at home celebrating with their friends & families) were enjoying the ambiance and partying. Suddenly all the lights went out! Which everyone greeted with an OOO…, a rocking Christmas carol started playing from the loudspeakers. It was the Software Development Department where the lights first came on, and lo! It was Santa trotting in to the department and he had a bag full of goodies for everyone!

Santa distributing gifts in the Candid Development Department.


Candid SEO department folks greet Santa’s ho..ho..ho.. with a smile and cheer.


By now most of the snow flakes on Santa’s dress had melted, but how could Santa leave without greeting the fellas at the Client Servicing Department. So that’s where he turned towards next.


Though Santa was in a hurry but all the Candidians requested him to pose with them for a snap or two and how could Father Christmas deny our wishes.

Santa with the Candid Software Group


…and here’s Santa with the Candidinfo team


The visit by Santa was followed by more celebrations and partying and everyone left for home in high spirits after a splendid Christmas evening.

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Here’s a Christmas present for all the designers from You have 49 Christmas icons,


The formats entail, GIF, PNG, ICO (favicon purpose), and vector EPS (print purpose).

Additionallly, there’s a mini version too, which includes 45, 16 x 16px that you can use as favicon or CSS menu icons.


They can be freely used only in the following ways:

  • You may use it on any project (commercial or personal).
  • You may alter or modify in any way you want.
  • You may NOT re-distribute these icons, such as posting it on your site or forums for download. If you want to share these icons, please refer to this page.

Happy Designing this Christmas!

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Thursday November 29, 2007 came, and we completed 8 successful years of Candid Software. We started off with humble beginnings in the year 1999, with just 5 employees and a small office in New Delhi. Over the years, and under the leadership of the Founder and Chief Executive Mr. Navneet Kaushal, we have added more than 100 employees, and two offices in Chicago and Mumbai. However, our focus has always remained the same, our clients. No wonder, today we serve over 200 clients from across the globe.

Mr. Navneet Kaushal (CEO & Founder) presided over the function:

Through our passionate commitment towards providing clients “with highly customized solutions”, we’ve been able to repeatedly achieve our objective, which is “To provide each client with solutions that have a positive impact on the ROI.”

This year’s “Foundation Day Celebrations,” kicked off with a feast for the whole company at Defence Colony, New Delhi. All the departments came together as a family and shared lots of light moments over lunch.


Many had their cameras clicking after the lunch:


The festivities continued till late evening at the premises of Candid Software in Okhla Phase II. The evening’s events began with a presentation made by the CEO, wherein Mr. Navneet Kaushal spelled out the company’s achievements, and the future endeavors of the company. He said “This year will be the ‘year of the employees’ and we’ve earmarked INR 52 Lakhs to be invested in our employees. The company is taking many steps to make the work environment more enriching and employee friendly, a couple of measures in this direction are fine tuning of the Human Resource Department, flexible employee policies, and enhanced in house cafe facilities, amongst many other steps.”


This was followed by the “Awards Ceremony,” during which achievement awards were given out by the CEO. The first category was of “The Best Debut Award.” which is conferred upon the best new employee.


The second was “Employee of the Year.” This award is given for sustained performance, and dedication shown by an employee towards Candid Software.


This was followed by a bouquet presentation to the Founder and CEO, Mr. Navneet Kaushal. It was presented to greet him on behalf of all the Candidians.


The most memorable event of the day was the “Press Conference,” which had four Candidians play the role of four icons of our country “Mr. Atal Bihari Vajpayee,” “Mr. Amitabh Bachchan,” “Mr. Laloo Prasad Yadav,” and “Ms. Sonia Gandhi.” And the media persons were the rest of the Candidians. The conference had everyone in splits throughout the episode. There were quite a few thrilling, and wisecrack questions and answers from the “Media” as well as the “Dignitaries.”

Last but certainly not the least, was the “Cake Cutting Ceremony.”

Cake Cutting at Candid


The whole day was a big party, it also apprised the Candidians about all the exciting challenges that the company plans to take up in the near future, and the ever increasing commitment that is needed by the whole of Candid Software to maintain its high standards while reaching out for bigger goals.

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Well guys, you have it already, the latest in the series of mind-blowing and highly popular browsers from Mozilla. Most of us I assume are well versed with Firefox already, if some of us aren’t, Firefox might be the reason to look beyond Internet Explorer and the kinds. You can download Firefox 3 Beta version here


While the release comes up as a welcome gesture, but since it’s a beta release so evidently it is expected to be some steps behind from being bug free, as also from having fully functional features. The work is still on and Mozilla hopes that with some really useful feedback from the users it wouldn’t be too long before we have a full-fledged Firefox 3.

The beta version one of the browser has been based on the Gecko 1.9 Web rendering platform. Mozilla guys have been working on it real hard for over two year now (27 months to be precise.) And during all this high powered development spree they claim to have done away with 11000 bugs and issues of different kinds. With the browser based on the all new Gecko 1.9, it promises to show improvements on stability, performance and sustainability.

Many new and enhanced features that can be seen in terms of providing greater security, ease of operation, enhanced performance, and more personalized usage. The developers can see an improved platform.

Developers now have access to many features. First, Gecko 1.9 gets you improvements in CSS, SVG, enhanced fonts, ligatures and scripts. Second, native look and feel for HTML forms for Linux and Mac OS X desktops. Third, improved color management through images adjusted with embedded color profiles. Enable color management with “set gfx.color_management.enabled on in about:config”, but you’d need to restart the browser for changes to take effect. Fourth, you can operate web applications offline as well, but offline browsing should be enabled for that.

The bug 35620 has been fixed, meaning that the security flaw associated with <frame> and <iframe> has been tackled, and now the frames can no longer inherit the properties of parents. For them to be able to do so, they need to be loaded from the same server.

The Web Applications 1.0 entails a couple of changes too. Firstly, apart from bug fixing you can now use the navigator.registerProtocolHandler() to register web applications. Moreover, it’s a fact that if you’d want to create good offline applications then you’d need to know the status (online/offline) of the application, and many other such features, you’d find in the release WHATWG online and offline events support.

The bug “Implement scriptable method of choosing a stylesheet set off the document object (altss dom)” has been tackled and you now have APIs for alternate style sheets (viz: preferredStyleSheetSet, selectedStyleSheetSet, styleSheetSets, lastStyleSheetSet, enableStyleSheetsForSet).

The CSS aspects too have been worked upon. font-size-adjust property now works on platforms other than Windows as well. The HTML soft hyphens (­) are now supported. For DOM, the extensions clientTop, clientLeft, elementFromPoint, oncut, oncopy onpaste, onbeforecut, onbeforecopy and onbeforepaste have been supported.

While work for JavaScript 1.8 is still in progress, the outdated script object has been done away with. There is now ample support XSLT/XPath; prominent modules are common, math, regexp, set, and str. The support also extends to many SVG filters and SVG Dom methods such as: getNumberOfChars(), getComputedTextLength() , getSubStringLength(), getStartPositionOfChar() , getEndPositionOfChar(), getRotationOfChar() , and getCharNumAtPosition()

For those interested in images, you’d be glad to know that there’s now support for APNGs (Animated PNGs).

Mozilla developer center is choc-full of nitty-gritty of beta 1.

All things considered, the Beta version has come up as a pleasant news. You’ll find lots of new features, and the direction in which Mozilla is moving seems to be really promising. The release has quite a few bugs, many are well documented while other need to be discovered and cured. You can contribute to figuring out the bugs to be fixed, so that we can have a final version ASAP. You can report a bugs at bugzilla. Additionally you might want to see the release notes.

Wish you a happy development and design!

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If you have a website of your own, do you know where you rank on Google. Well, it’s simple to do a quick search on the engine. But do you know how you rank on Google search websites around the world? Now you can find out sitting in your home country, how do you fare on Google search websites around the world (BTW there are well over a hundred and fifty of them.) You can do so through this freely available rank checker tool from Ezer

It’s very simple to use this tool, all you need to do is type in your “Target Keywords” and your “Domain” or “URL” and hit on search. The results would display whether or not your rank is within the first hundred websites or not?

Here’s the search area:


The universal utility of the tool is further evident from the fact that you can perform the search in almost any language (viz. Czech, Persian, Italian, German, etc.) You also have the option of including the omitted results as well (Simply check the check box.)

Some of the countries for which the tool would show the ranks are Com, Australia, Canada, China, India, Taiwan, Japan, Russia, UK, Saudi Arabia, etc.

Here are some search results:


The search is fast and easy, try it for yourself.

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