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If you have a website of your own, do you know where you rank on Google. Well, it’s simple to do a quick search on the engine. But do you know how you rank on Google search websites around the world? Now you can find out sitting in your home country, how do you fare on Google search websites around the world (BTW there are well over a hundred and fifty of them.) You can do so through this freely available rank checker tool from Ezer

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Hey! all you software development folks out there. If you are into website development and design, and have been looking for icons for long now, you know that there are quite a few available online but most of the good ones come for a price. You may find resources to free ones as well but usually the quality is not all that impressive.

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Here’s a collection of catchy and fashionable web badges for free usage by Web20Badges. You might wanna use some of these to make your website more attractive and impressive.

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Have you ever wondered what softwares Candidinfo uses to create and complete all our slick projects? No tough job this one, only you need to know that some of the best softwares do not come with a hefty price tag. Also, the best softwares, do not have to be complicated with too many features you know nothing about. Listed below are some of our favorites and obviously the leading Open source programs available.

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Posted by Navneet Kaushal on | Comments Off on The End of PHP 4 Era!

After many years and 30 million downloads, PHP 4 will come to an end to make way for PHP 5. has a nice countdown to the same. With the same announcement comes an announcement from Pear: “the PEAR Project is happy to announce that the next version of PEAR, named PEAR2, is going to aim at being only available for PHP5.2 and newer versions of PHP.

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