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Link building simplified
Link building is very simply creating links between sites that have a reason to link to each other. High quality links positive influence the search engine rankings of a website. When the only reason sites link to each other is boosting search engine rankings, it is called spam. 

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A recent post by Google offers in-depth information about robots exclusion protocol. This is second in the series of posts by Google on Robots Exclusion Protocol. The previous post was on controlling how search engines access and index your website. The previous post was all about Robots.txt.file, how Google search engine works.

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Web 2.0 goes synonymous with the second-generation of Internet-based services which include social networking sites, communication tools, and providing a common platform to let people collaborate and share information on-line, in untraditional ways. Web 2.0 has become the buzzword among the technical and marketing communities in the present scenario.

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SEO folks are the wise guys. We develop a product and they make it visible to the clients. Be it usability, content or design, all have to confirm to the suggestions rendered by the SEO Guru. Search engines have been constantly trying to make searches more accurate. As a consequence SEO has been constantly changing too. Our strategists show you the pattern in the puzzle and explain the reason behind he madness.

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Honestly so. Content has become the charming lady of the king’s court. She gets all the eyes, she is second only to the king. Because the good content that is not accessible & persuasive is as good as archived material in a public library. The queen has adorned a new look. It’s called persuasive copywriting. It’s the art of copywriting combined with the science of persuasion built around an intuitive framework. Our copywriters are trained in the new medium. Here they will share the techniques and their midas ways of turning content into gold.

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