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Mover over content. We have crowned usability as the new king. Content is still the most important item on the showcase. But the showcase itself is not to be taken lightly. That is why we will talk about information architecture, usability, site navigation, interface design, Web‚ and other crucial issues here. Usability is painting the web with a new color. Tune in and turn on.

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Ecommerce arena is getting fierce day by day. Smarter ideas and new methods are being innovated everyday. Clients want bigger profits and smoother systems. But in the end, it’s not all about money. It’s about intelligent thinking and smart implementation. Here we get to read to the insider stuff from the guys who help businesses do smooth transactions online.

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The hosting honchos at Candidinfo are as their job demands responsive, responsible and fast acting. Usually they have a busy schedule as they handle express client queries. They have been advised to spill the beans on the interiors of the hosting castle. Their postings could sound like responses to clients’ tickets.

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The developers are the proverbial “good boys” of Candidinfo. They quietly come, silently work and stealthily go. We have prodded and poked these nice guys to come and share the wisdom they have gathered through years of silent and relentless work.

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The designers at Candidinfo are megatalented, overbloated creatures obsessed with their creativity. They are the remnants of the lost species who splattered their souls out on a canvas. The only difference is that these guys use dreamweaver and pour their souls in Web 2.0 formats. Here they take a few moments off to discuss the latest in web designing, new trends tools and their very original escapades at Candidinfo.

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