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The large numbers of e-commerce solutions in the market have made it easier to develop an e-commerce website or to add a small store to your current site. But, there are so many open source e-commerce softwares that choosing the most appropriate one for your business could be a confusing job.

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If you want to mark a presence on World Wide Web, it is necessary that you constantly evaluate your website and improve it further. But, how to go about it?

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SQL Injection is a technique that exploits the security vulnerability of a website. It usually happens if a user enters either incorrect filter for string characters embedded in SQL statements or input is unexpectedly executed. These errors can harm your website in the long run. At Candidinfo, we employ the latest in cutting edge technologies and makes your e-business error-free. Everything from giving your site a customized open source solution to an updated look and feel, we make the process simple and effective.

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It is true that you cannot manage your e-commerce website unless you are measuring its effectiveness at regular period. The very first step in this regard is to get a breakdown of the traffic by using some form of analytics. Candid has an extensive experience and sound knowledge of e-commerce sites & suggests clients to use Google Analytics to evaluate their site’s performance.

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One of the newest and hottest internet activities now is Social Networking. It is one of the simplest way to build online communities of people who share the same interests. At Candid, we understand the importance of social networking, as it help boost ranking opportunities and attract the target audience’s attention. Indeed it’s playing a major role in website promotion and SEO process.

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