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SQL Injection is a technique that exploits the security vulnerability of a website. It usually happens if a user enters either incorrect filter for string characters embedded in SQL statements or input is unexpectedly executed. These errors can harm your website in the long run. At Candidinfo, we employ the latest in cutting edge technologies and makes your e-business error-free. Everything from giving your site a customized open source solution to an updated look and feel, we make the process simple and effective.

Security Compass has introduced a firefox add-on “SQL Inject Me.” It will submit your form and replace the values in the existing form field with strings that are considered as possible attack. This tool will send all the possible database escape string as well as search for any error messages returned. Finally, it will render as HTML format in page.

Once you have installed the addon, go to Tools-> SQL Inject Me-> Open SQL Inject Me Sidebar. You will find a sample form that will proceed an update action into database while form is being posted. To make sure the form is tested, fill in the fields with good values and mark the checkbox.

Here a sample of the tool, after you test the form for all attacks:

Here’s is the final output. The result marked with red color background are error messages, which have been returned by

Although, this tool looks for all the possible input that may harm your system but it doesn’t provide protection for password hacking, firewall attacks, etc. However, SQL Injection Me is still quite useful and helpful tool for you, as it tests SQL Injection vulnerabilities.Download SQL Injection Me now – to make testing an easy process.

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It is true that you cannot manage your e-commerce website unless you are measuring its effectiveness at regular period. The very first step in this regard is to get a breakdown of the traffic by using some form of analytics. Candid has an extensive experience and sound knowledge of e-commerce sites & suggests clients to use Google Analytics to evaluate their site’s performance.

When you are tracking the numbers on your website, you will still need to do some calculation to know how it’s performing. Follow these four basic methods that are highly helpful for e-commerce websites:

Conversion Rate

When a person visits your site and does what you want him to do, this is called conversion. It could be anything from making a purchase to leaving a comment in the section.

Identify the goal pages in Google Analytics to track your total conversion rate. You can make the thank you page as your goal that will come after somebody places an order.

The next step is to divide the total conversions by the number of visitors. You can see the total traffic in numerous ways. The highest result would be achieved by considering page views but this is least accurate because the same visitor can see other pages also.

You can also consider the total visits, which tells the number of people who visited your site including the visitors who returned again. An absolute unique visitors option is also present, where you won’t get the record of people visiting the page for the second or more time.

It is better to consider visits for getting accurate conversion rate because it is more conservative and accurate measure for the calculation.

The formula for finding out conversion rate is:

Conversion Rate = Total Conversions/Visits

Cost per Conversion

If you have a high conversion rate, it doesn’t mean you are doing a good business. Cost per Conversion is a more accurate way of judgment. You can calculate Cost per Conversion by:

Cost per Conversion = Monthly Website Expenses/Total Conversions

Do not forget to consider all the costs of your website including web design and development, SEO, online marketing, web hosting, PPC, blog writing and more.

Suppose you are spending $1,817 per month and the number of conversions in the month are 50. Then you Cost per Conversion would be $36.34.

If you are making more than $36.34 on every conversion, you are getting benefited.

Average Profit per Conversion

If you know your average profit or loss on every conversion, it will help you in making a budget and planning for future. You can also set online sales goals after knowing this. The formula is:

(Gross Revenue from Website – Total Costs)/Total Conversions = Average Profit per Conversion

The total costs should include all the costs apart from web costs.

Abandonment Rate

It describes the number of people who started to convert on your website and dropped out later. If the rate is high, it means the site is inefficient or you have to check out the conversion process. Abandonment rate is calculated by:

(Number of Visits to the Conversion Page – Number of Visits to the Goal Page)/Number of Visits to the Conversion Page

If you don’t have Google Analytics, click here.

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One of the newest and hottest internet activities now is Social Networking. It is one of the simplest way to build online communities of people who share the same interests. At Candid, we understand the importance of social networking, as it help boost ranking opportunities and attract the target audience’s attention. Indeed it’s playing a major role in website promotion and SEO process.

The social network websites (also known as Social Sites) offer a wide range of services such as:

  • Blogging
  • Messaging (Email, IM, Chat Room)
  • Sharing Photos and Videos
  • Events Organization
  • Group Discussion
  • News Publishing
  • Classified
  • Applications

In the past few years, the number of social sites has increased drastically. Some of the most popular sites nowadays are Facebook, Myspace, Orkut, Twitter and more.

According to Alexa Ranking the top 25 social sites are:

Reasons for Social Networking:

Here are some of the main reasons behind the popularity of online social networking:

  1. Lack of time.
  2. Allow people to be more open.
  3. Learn and share from others in a fast paced environment.
  4. A new way to find content.

Reports suggest that the power of social networking is still spreading around. The process behind these social sites is that massive amount of people visit these sites, who later tell their friends to create an account on the site and the process continues.

“Facebook is probably so popular, because of the massive amounts of teenagers that go on the site. Those teenagers probably tell their friends to get a Facebook account, and wala, you have a domino effect.”

The social networking sites allow you to keep in touch with your friends from work, universities and other sources. It helps you build your own network and keep track of every update of your friends. The growth of a social site greatly depends on the applications, games and other activities available on it. In short, these application is all about sharing and communication that helps in sharing and communication.

In simple words, social networking sites help people pass their free time and have some fun.

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Page load time is crucial for a website, as a lesser time interval indicates that you value your visitors and don’t want to keep them waiting at any cost. Candid knows the importance of Page Load time and always ensures that it uses tools like WatchMouse Web Monitor in the web designing services to give your site a lesser page load duration.

Whether it is the page size or the number of elements present on it, we check out everything to give your website the lowest possible page load time. This expertise of ours is getting us more clients who are looking for advanced website designing solutions.

If your website has a page load time of .00X seconds, it will fall into normal category. But a site with a lower page loading time takes the lead position.

If you are still confused about how to know the time taken by your website or blog in loading up at different parts of the world, use the WatchMouse Web Monitor Tool. It will tell the accurate load time, connect and download time along with the download size of the page. You will also get to know if you encountered any error while accessing the site.

Check out the WatchMouse Tool.

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WordPress 2.8 Beta

The release of WordPress 2.8 is a good news for testers and early adopters, as they can now download the Beta 1 version that promises to make the WordPress more powerful & better. Candid has extensive experience of working on WordPress platform and is excited about the new launch. Our team of builders have an in-depth knowledge of 2.8 Beta and are recommending the new version to clients looking for WordPress blog customization service. Continue reading

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