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htaccess Editor
The best part of having a .htaccess file is that it enables the user to customize the configurations for requests to a particular directory. The experts at Candid know that web servers and most commonly Apache have .htaccess as the default name in the configuration files of directory level. But, creating a .htaccess file can be a time consuming and tedious job. In an attempt to improve upon our web development services, team Candid creates .htaccess files with online .htaccess editor.

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YAML Debug
The new YAML Debug Tool is really handy for web designers who want to leave no flaws in their work. The assistive tool allows one to quick review the quality of code and semantic structure during website designing. The tool also helps in testing the site against common oversights.

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Web designers usually find it handy to have tools to make the task of design and development easier. From forming word clouds, creating effects on images, to sharing screenshots of web design, these tools can go a a long way to simplify the process of site creation. Here are the top 20 tools, that you should be relying on.

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Wordpress Theme Generator
Candid likes to share with its readers tools, wordpress themes and other technology we use to make our work easier. The cool features of WordPress theme generator has made us talk about this tool, which minimizes web designing task to a matter of few seconds. We have been using this tool with great results and find it really handy. The credit for the many amazing web pages we have designed for clients, goes to the wordpress theme generator.

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Recession is at its peak. Companies are getting indulged in cost cutting exercises and lay offs. But is this the ultimate solution? It is a fact that clients are vanishing off and companies don’t have any other choice but to lay off their employees. But will it solve the purpose? What about the clients? You still will not get customers until and unless you think out of the box and do something special to boost your business. At the end of the day, a business wants loads of clients to boost its sales! What is a business without its customers? Nothing! It does not matter whether you are a small business owner or you have a big enterprise working under you, if you don’t have a good customer base or an exciting traffic at your door step, your business venture holds no meaning.

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