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WP e-Commerce
WordPress, an open source application is a great way of brand positioning and doing business on the World Wide Web. There are numerous plugins available that make WordPress even more resourceful application for businesses. Continue reading

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Adobe Photoshop is the most popular tool amongst designers as it comes with lots of photo editing tools and versatile features. But, the biggest problem in front of any designer who wants to own Photoshop is its price. There are numerous open source and completely free programs that are loaded with features similar to Photoshop and some times even more.

We at Candid have expertise in providing ultimate website designs by using photoshop and open source tools. There are various alternatives to photoshop, which are not only equivalent but sometimes have more advanced features than the famous photo editing tool. In order to provide better web designing solutions to clients, Candid also uses some of these tools for handling projects. Let’s have a look at 5 best open source and free alternatives to photoshop that are selected by our designing experts for a hassle free and advanced photo editing experience.


GIMP means “GNU image manipulation program”. One of the oldest and well known program, GIMP is a perfect alternative to Photoshop. It might not have all the features, but most of them are included in GIMP. This cross platform is supported by a large community.

If you still find GIMP lacking in many features, then there is an alternative GIMPShop based on GIMP. It is similar to GIMP and the only difference is that the layout is very closely structured like Photoshop to give users right at home feeling.



This open source tool has gradually grown out of being a simple replacement to well known MSPaint to a fully featured open source image editor. Showcasing a wide support base, users need to have Windows to run Paint.NET.



The program was originally designed in Japanese but it now has an English version also. Although Pixia is a very capable editor but the main focus was kept on anime/manga. Users might get disappointed by finding some of its features a litter counter intuitive, but with lots of English tutorials you can give it a shot. Pixia also works for windows.



This is a web based photo editor with all the basic features and some advanced ones like special effects and layers. Picnik has recently taken off because of its partnership with Flickr. This editing program is cross platform as you only need a browser to run it.


Adobe Photoshop Express

Adobe Photoshop Express
This is a free web based photo editor of Adobe itself. Photoshop Express comes with all the basic functions and some advanced ones also, but it does not have layers. The editor interfaces with different photo sharing websites also and is again a completely cross platform.


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With lots of open source shopping carts available in market, it is often confusing to judge an appropriate one for your business. To make things pretty simple, we at Candid use Ubercart, a shopping cart suitable for the business of every client. This open source e-commerce package fully integrates the online store with Drupal. Ubercart with Drupal is an ideal combination for those who want to build a community around a product, sell access to their premium content and offer paid downloads with many more features. Continue reading

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htaccess Editor
The best part of having a .htaccess file is that it enables the user to customize the configurations for requests to a particular directory. The experts at Candid know that web servers and most commonly Apache have .htaccess as the default name in the configuration files of directory level. But, creating a .htaccess file can be a time consuming and tedious job. In an attempt to improve upon our web development services, team Candid creates .htaccess files with online .htaccess editor. Continue reading

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YAML Debug
The new YAML Debug Tool is really handy for web designers who want to leave no flaws in their work. The assistive tool allows one to quick review the quality of code and semantic structure during website designing. The tool also helps in testing the site against common oversights.

Here are some features of YAML Debug:

Webpage Information

Based on the detected Doctype, YAML Debug informs you if the webpage will be rendered in Quirk mode or in Standard mode. It can detect the content encoding as well as count all the external style sheets, images and script elements on the page.

Code Quality Test

With YAML you can check a webpage against missing or empty alt attributes in deprecated HTML elements, in elements, find empty elements as well as the elements containing inline styles.

Stylesheet Options

The stylesheet options are also available in YAML Debug, where all the external and embedded style sheets are listed in source order. You can disable or enable a stylesheet by clicking on it. Along with this, every external stylesheet can be viewed and send directly for the W3C CSS validation service.

Accessibility Test

The features of YAML tool can help the web developers to detect the various accessibility issues on their webpage.

The versatile features of YAML Debug helps in rectifying the problem with a webpage before it gets worse. It is becoming the most preferred tool of web designers for doing an error free job.

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