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Color Scheme Designer
We at Candid always like to share different tools and software which can help you design a nice website. We have gained expertise in the area by using advanced tools. Color Scheme Designer is one such web based colour tool our designers have been using to create different colour schemes for your custom web designs and multimedia projects. The tool creates a better idea of what colours would be more compatible with others and assists us in developing a more attractive website.

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Gmail Custom Buttons
Designers/ developers often look for some tools that can help them in handling multiple interactions. We at Candid like to share information about new happenings in the web world. You must have heard about the buttons Google has recently launched on Gmail. These buttons are very similar to basic HTML input buttons, and are capable of handling multiple interactions in one basic design. The application has captured the attention of our experts, who are now using custom button developing techniques for offering better website designing solutions to clients.

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The Drupal development team has recently announced the release of Drupal 6.9 and 5.15, which are not full content management system versions but have some really useful features. What makes the Candid team more enthusiastic about the new versions, is their effectiveness against all the bugs and security issues that were reported by users and the members of the Drupal community. This is not all, we have also upgraded ourselves to the new Drupal versions for providing open source solutions to clients.

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Back in January 2008, when I converted from a PC to a MacBook Pro, I decided to find out applications those were recommended for the Mac. There are many features in Mac OSX that are missing in Windows.

Let me share with you some of the applications present in my OSX doc, which are used on a daily basis and prove to be of a great help to all the Mac users and web designers.

Adobe Creative Suite

Adobe Creative Suite
This is a primary and must have requirement for all web designers. It is really difficult to get through the day without a photoshop, illustrator and flash. Fireworks is also said to be good for compressing images.

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Website Designing Dilemma

Time is worth a lot of money, especially in case of a business owners. So, the question of whether to go for a templated website or to get it custom designed, is often very confusing. Candid understands the requirement of every client and has expertise in providing both templated as well as custom web designing services. All the banners, corporate logos and websites are designed on latest softwares by using most advanced tools.

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