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Employee Testimonials

Working at Candid has made me push my limits and emerge as a better and smarter worker.

Candid HR Policies

Candid has a sound HR Policy that ensures its employees maximum job satisfaction and security. Our aim is to maintain and promote positive work environment and good management-employee relationship. Our Open Door H.R. Policy enables an employee to approach the management to resolve an issue.

Recruitment and Selection Policy

At Candid, we adopt a fair and just recruitment philosophy. We being an Equal Opportunity Employer, believe in giving every individual an opportunity to be part of our team irrespective of Caste, Creed , Religion, Sex or Nationality.

It is our policy to recruit on the basis of

  • Qualification - This depends on the job profile you are applying for. Generally, you are required to be at least a graduate.
  • Experience - This will also depend on your specified area.
  • Personal attributes - Emphasis will be given to your characteristic strengths .
  • Skills - Your attributes that you consider are your key skills.
  • Adaptability - TYou will be selected on the basis of your adjustability with your team, and your ability to work in a group.
  • A Go-Getter Attitude - A Go-Getter Attitude.

It is our policy to recruit on the basis of

  • Psychometric tests
  • Technical Tests
  • Interviews

Compensation Policy at Candid, New Delhi, India

The company's policy is to pay for competencies, position and performance. We have an ideal compensation policy which is a good mix of performance related incentives and pay. We pay as per industry standards.

Performance Management Policy at Candidinfo

At Candid, we believe in being objective and result oriented when it comes to performance management. We believe that a fair, transparent and balanced performance management process is necessary to motivate the employees and enable them to work with each other harmoniously.

The performance management policy adopted by Candid looks at objective setting, including the link to overall business goals and the growing importance of measuring inputs as well as outputs.

At Candid we follow 360 Degree Appraisals wherein the employees are allowed the freedom to self appraise, discuss their performance, voice their opinions and suggest remedial action.

The project leaders, human resource team and the management review and rate the performance against the set of parameters for each position. We at Candid try and strike a balance between Performance, Pay and Development.

The Performance Management cycle is a two step process

  • Setting business goals and converting them to departmental and individual goals through structured processes and measuring achievement objectively.
  • Identification of competencies and assessment of an individual on the competencies specified for the position.

Employee Retention Policy

We value our employees and want them to grow wise with the organization. We place a great emphasis on listening and responding to employees concerns and ideas, improving internal career opportunities, supporting work-life balance and creating an attractive and interesting work environment.

We fulfill the objectives of our employees in the aspects of

  • Job /Economic Security
  • Fair Wages
  • Opportunity for Advancement and Self-Improvement
  • Individual Job Satisfaction
  • Participation and Involvement in Management

The costs of high staff turnover can be substantial. Not only are there the direct financial costs of replacing staff but also other repercussions such as the potential loss of key skills, knowledge and experience, disruption to operations and the negative effect on workforce morale. In addition, high turnover represents a considerable burden both on HR and line managers as they are constantly recruiting and training new staff.

We fulfill the objectives of our employees in the aspects of

  • We seek to resolve the problems associated with high turnover by investigating the underlying causes and taking remedial action.
  • We try to benchmark against similar organizations and control the attrition rate taking into account the real costs of turnover to the company.

The overall aim is often to create a 'great place to work'. Our philosophy is built on participation and involvement.

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