Offshore Development Center

At Candidinfo, we have been specializing in .NET application, open source based web applications and website designing for close to a decade now! We have worked across several software platforms and business and service sectors with the singular goal of serving superior, seamless and cost effective solutions.

Comprehensive services at competitive costs

Our offshore development center enables you to save make incredible savings on a broad range of services. In addition, you gain instant access to a large expert team that takes care of the existing projects and adds scalability. And when it comes to the quality of work, you can trust our experience of over a decade.

Candid Offshore Development Center Benefits

As with all our clients, we would love to have an elaborate conversation with you. However, saving your time, it would suffice to say that trust us to achieve any goals when it comes to web design, development and promotion.

Who choose Candid ODC Model

Our strength lies in expert and committed teams, rigidly laid down processes, uncompromising accountability and years of experience in mastering latest technologies. What else can account for such a long list of happy clients and diverse portfolio. We sound proud, because we are. Get in touch with us and we will make you proud of our partnership too. Click here to fill a quick form and we will get back to you ASAP!

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