Open Source Customization

Open source development has transformed e-businesses worldwide in the last decade and continues to do so. The open source applications have provided entrepreneurs with a better and more cost-effective way to start an e-business or launch a new service. No wonder, customized open source solutions have become global favorites.

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Why use Open Source?

Low cost, robust, passionate community, free updates, and independence from the whims of a single vendor - the benefits of open source have filled the discussion across all development forums on the internet. We have tried to recount only a few of the prominent ones here.

  • Lower Cost

    No scary shelf prices, no licensing fees, no maintenance costs and no recurring fees to keep your site up. You can also customize open source solutions anyway you want and it costs only a fraction compared to other licensed software.

  • Increased security and transparency

    Robust structure and free version updates ensure that your site is always up to date. An extensive list of plug ins and modules from competing are available for almost every other functionality that you may wish to add. You will never be dependent on a single vendor again.

  • Better support

    No technical skills or expertise needed to make day to day updates. Be it a simple blog or a large e-commerce store, you can manage it all by yourself. When you need a programmer, even the biggest changes cost less. Moreover, there is an active and helpful community too.

Why CandidInfo?

We have experience in working on all major open source platforms. We assure the services of skilled and experienced developers who are proficient in customizing open source solutions, installing modules, integrating templates, designing skins or templates as per your requirements. We even develop additional user-oriented documentation. We can help you in effortlessly migrating from the existing application and data to the open source platform.

Having immense experience in developing and implementing a diverse range of open source solutions, we offer advantages far beyond cost-reduction. Here are a few:

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