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We can help you expand your service offerings, improve project execution, handle client communication and projects too. During the last decade, we have worked on outsourced projects of all sizes and descriptions from all parts of the world. So, no matter what part of the process you want us to handle, we can do it with expertise.

Candidinfo has partnered with web development companies, internet marketing agencies and large corporates to deliver the required services. We have successful partnership models to offer and we can customise them to suit your specific requirements too.

Benefits of partnering with us

Our established processes, large team, online project management systems, internal quality standards and experience with global work environment ensures that our partnerships are quick to start and seamless in integration.

Here are other solid benefits that you can gain from our partnership:

Partnership models

Here are the partnership models that we have on offer. We can also customize them further to suit your specific requirements.

Outsource Partners
Reseller Partners
Referral Partners
BOT Model Partners