30+ Top Bakery Website Design Ideas for your Bakery Website

As a bakery owner, your website is one of the most important aspects of your business. It’s the first thing potential customers see, and it’s the place where they go to learn more about what you have to offer. So how do you make sure your website design is as enticing as your baked goods? Here are 30+ bakery website design ideas that will inspire you.

These bakery website designs are exactly what you are looking for. These designs feature the latest trends that will make your bakery website stand out.  

Bakeries are considered to be some of the sweetest treats. 

Regardless of the products and services you provide, marketing is something you should always focus on. Undoubtedly, every business now feels the need to create a website. You can find skilled and experienced developers who can assist you with design and development to make a unique bakery website. People who are in the bakery business want to grow their business online must have a unique and attractive bakery website design. 

A perfect bakery website design will do the same thing for your business in the online world as selling high-quality bakery products attract more customers to your physical store. 

Finding the best website design inspiration might be difficult with so many options available. To make things simpler, we have gathered 30+ bakery website design ideas and inspiration, covering every style from trendy to clean and minimalist. 

  1. Cinderella 

Cinderella is the simple bakery website design with a good hero image tempts you to browse down. The viewers may easily understand the design. It loads quickly and is responsive.

  1. Roseioli

The website design for the bakery is user-friendly, engaging, and visually appealing. Graphic designs are effectively used for product navigation.

  1. Quacksberry 

It has a sleek website design and has an overall spacing and styling. The background video in this website design is setting the tone and mood. On a variety of devices this bakery website design renders very well. 

  1. Prim Rose Bakery

This is the simple and clean website design for a bakery website with an ecommerce feature that enables customers to sell their bakery products online.

  1. Larenella

This bakery website design is having better overall styling and spacing with responsiveness. 

  1. Vienna Bake

The font style and selection on the Vienna bake website are excellent. They have a strong online presence on social media, and their website is mobile-friendly. 

  1. Neighbor Bakehouse

A responsive bakery website design with a combination of Serif and San-Serif fonts. 

  1. Mud Pie

This bakery website has easy navigation and has a lot of images to speak about their bakery. 

  1. Stolleus


Customers can purchase bakery products directly from the website thanks to its ecommerce functionality, rich and appealing website design. This website bakery design supports responsiveness. 

  1. Patisserie


This website design has a rich layout with unique imagery and an interactive product gallery. It also has an e-store functionality where customers can buy their products. 

  1. Sweet Touch Bakery 

This bakery website design has good quality imagery that grabs your customers attention and makes them want to explore them. 

  1. Miga Bakes 

It has a large hero header placed on the website that catches visitor attention and creates a positive impression on the visitor. The logo designs look beautiful and creative. 

  1. Love Crumbs

Customers are able to buy products directly from the website, thanks to its ecommerce capability and rich website design. This bakery website design supports responsiveness.

  1.  Le Levain

It has excellent product imagery and wonderful product displays using illustrations. They have a good presence on Facebook and Instagram. Want high traffic to your bakery website, then contact digital marketing experts.

  1. Hazeldean Bakery 

On their website, you get a pickup and delivery feature. The usage of a dark background and attractive images on the website makes it more attractive. The website design is mobile-friendly.

  1. Gail’s Bakes 

Gail’s Bread website design makes use of images to create a visually appealing appearance. Customers can place online product orders. Customer’s trust has been increased thanks to social media marketing. Additionally, the website is responsively designed.

  1. Edgar’s Bakes

Users get a streamlined and more ideal user experience thanks to beautiful and impressive website design. The ecommerce feature that is integrated on the website makes it simple and easy for the customers to buy the bakery products.

  1. Duchess Bakes

Duchess Bakes bakery website design builder uses CMS service to build the website effectively. You can also shop bakery products online and register for the baking classes. 

  1. Dots Cupcakes

The website design is very attractive with colors and stylized fonts. The material designs used in the website design makes it more rich and appealing. The website also has an ecommerce feature for customers to buy their products online. They have a high number of followers on Instagram.

  1. Dolce Maniera

Responsive friendly website with clean design and simple slider menu.

  1. Crusto Bakery

It is an impressive and beautiful bakery website design. The website design supports responsiveness.

  1. The Cakerie

This website is focused on wedding and birthday cakes and has a simple, easy to navigate website bakery design. They have a huge number of followers on Instagram, thanks to Digital Marketing.

  1. Panella Bakes

This website design has excellent styling and spacing. The imagery used in the bakery website design makes it look more impressive and attractive. 

  1. Bageriet Bakes

Bageriet Bakes has clean website design with large images and white background. The website design is responsive.

  1. Archipelago Bakery

It has an attractive website design with good spacing and styling. The website design is responsive. 

  1. Sugaro

Sugaro is a top-notch, easy to use bakery website design that is perfect for beginners and professionals who want to create beautiful and attractive bakery websites.

  1. Campos


Campos is an attractive bakery website for quick website creation. Using Campos to present your bakery products online will make them appear even more delicious. Customers can easily reserve a table directly from your website to guarantee a seat.

  1. Nadia Cafe

It is an amazing bakery website design that puts your tasty baked products on display beautifully. It includes the section where you can put your attractive bakery products images. It also has an ecommerce functionality to sell your products online.

  1. Dubravica

The website design is simple and has a clean homepage with a full-width bakery image, CTA, tagline, and off-canvas menu. This bakery website design stunningly showcases your bakery products. On the hero header, there is a beautiful display of imagery. Mouth-watering bakery products in boxes that function as a menu and have a nice hover effect.

  1. Bavarian Bakery 

Bavarian Bakery is one of the awesome website designs for creating a bakery website. On the homepage it comes with exceptional contents such as quality images, video, optional music, etc.

  1. SusieCakes

SusieCakes has an attractive and creative website design for the bakery website. It features imagery on the hero header, taglines, and CTAs. It has different vibrant colors for every section. Your customers can easily buy the bakery products online.

  1. Puratos

It is a classic design element along with the attractive image of the hero scene, CTA. Visitors can easily search for the product via category, brand, or application. With the help of this bakery website design it is easier to access and purchase the bakery products.

  1. King Arthur Flour

King Arthur Flour is an outstanding inspiration for your bakery website project. The full-width hero header with quality image enhances the overall appeal of the bakery website. Customers can easily shop online, find recipes, articles about baking, etc.

Development of your Bakery Website Design 

Now you know some of the best bakery website designs, it’s time to focus on the platform you will choose to create your bakery website. One of the best and popular CMS you can use to build your bakery website is WordPress. 

WordPress powers 30% of the websites on the internet. It is a highly customizable CMS you can use for creating attractive, unique, featured-rich bakery websites. You can easily customize your website without the knowledge of coding. 

If you want to develop a unique bakery website that attracts your target audience, then WordPress Development Services all you need. We have delivered over thousands of projects related to theme, plugin, website development. If you choose to work with us, we can undertake your website development project from conceptualization to deployment. 

Now You Are Ready To Choose The Perfect Bakery Website Design 

Lack of a web presence for your bakery means losing out a potential customer in an age where more and more people are connecting to the internet. 

Now you know some amazing bakery website design, use it and create a unique and attractive bakery website for your customers. 

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What should a bakery website include?

1. A unique and attractive theme.
2. Instagram Integration.
3. Cohesive color palettes.
4. Showcase your awards.
5. Customers can easily order the bakery products from your website.

How do I start my own bakery website?

1. Choose a domain name and hosting.
2. Choose the ecommerce solution.
3. Choose the best bakery website theme.
4. Put your content.

What should be considered when developing a website content?

1. Choosing a domain and host.
2. Backend CMS service.
3. Clean Design 
4. Effective Color Scheme.
5. Branding
6. Functionality 
7. Navigation 
8. Usability

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