Check Your Google Rankings Across The Globe!

If you have a website of your own, do you know where you rank on Google. Well, it’s simple to do a quick search on the engine. But do you know how you rank on Google search websites around the world? Now you can find out sitting in your home country, how do you fare on Google search websites around the world (BTW there are well over a hundred and fifty of them.) You can do so through this freely available rank checker tool from Ezer

It’s very simple to use this tool, all you need to do is type in your “Target Keywords” and your “Domain” or “URL” and hit on search. The results would display whether or not your rank is within the first hundred websites or not?

Here’s the search area:


The universal utility of the tool is further evident from the fact that you can perform the search in almost any language (viz. Czech, Persian, Italian, German, etc.) You also have the option of including the omitted results as well (Simply check the check box.)

Some of the countries for which the tool would show the ranks are Com, Australia, Canada, China, India, Taiwan, Japan, Russia, UK, Saudi Arabia, etc.

Here are some search results:


The search is fast and easy, try it for yourself.