Christmas time is Santa time at Candid!

December 25, 2007. Here came Christmas and the much awaited Christmas celebrations at Candid kicked off in style. It was a beautiful evening and all those present (most of the Candidians were at home celebrating with their friends & families) were enjoying the ambiance and partying. Suddenly all the lights went out! Which everyone greeted with an OOO…, a rocking Christmas carol started playing from the loudspeakers. It was the Software Development Department where the lights first came on, and lo! It was Santa trotting in to the department and he had a bag full of goodies for everyone!

Santa distributing gifts in the Candid Development Department.


Candid SEO department folks greet Santa’s ho..ho..ho.. with a smile and cheer.


By now most of the snow flakes on Santa’s dress had melted, but how could Santa leave without greeting the fellas at the Client Servicing Department. So that’s where he turned towards next.


Though Santa was in a hurry but all the Candidians requested him to pose with them for a snap or two and how could Father Christmas deny our wishes.

Santa with the Candid Software Group


…and here’s Santa with the Candidinfo team


The visit by Santa was followed by more celebrations and partying and everyone left for home in high spirits after a splendid Christmas evening.