Create Online Website Color Patterns with Color Scheme Designer!

Color Scheme Designer
We at Candid always like to share different tools and software which can help you design a nice website. We have gained expertise in the area by using advanced tools. Color Scheme Designer is one such web based colour tool our designers have been using to create different colour schemes for your custom web designs and multimedia projects. The tool creates a better idea of what colours would be more compatible with others and assists us in developing a more attractive website.

Here are some amazing features of the color tool:

  • It displays colours in three modes – Multicolor (Hue based) and two Monochrome modes.
  • The monochrome mode is saturation and lightness based. It has four modes- split complements, harmonies complements, analogous and triad.
  • The Color Scheme Designer program features a preview window resembling the basic structure of a web page.
  • To know how two colours will look together, users have to simply drag and drop colours into the page elements and preview.
  • It has features like saving scheme configuration and exporting to HTML.

The 15+ preset and saturation or brightness & contrast control features of the tool enable the user to easily switch between different colour schemes created. You can also preview the colours used on different outlets like webpage or a scheme by using this wonderful Color Scheme Designer.