E-commerce Sites Lose 40% Of Shoppers Due To Load Time More Than 10 Seconds!

E-commerce Sites Lose 40% Of Shoppers Due To Load Time More Than 10 Seconds! We, at Candidinfo, have always delivered e-commerce website designs that are easy to navigate and browse through by the customers. More importantly, our e-commerce designs are ‘site-load speed’ friendly. In other words we ensure that the visitor does not lose interest in the site due to slow loading time. We have worked with the knowledge that the average visitor is less than likely to wait for the site to load and it is even less likely for the visitor to become a customer.

The 10 Seconds Threshold –

This understanding of visitor behavior has been observed and made a note of by the cloud-computing giant, Rackspace. The company surveyed 2000 UK adults about their average expectations when using websites. The results show that as much as 38% of the people do not wait for more than 10 seconds for a site to load. Yes, the waiting cut-off point is of around 10 seconds. If these people had to wait a second more than this time, they would hit the ‘Back’ button.

A further revelation may be a cause of grave concern for e-commerce site owners. Of the lot of users hitting the ‘Back’ button, a huge 45% never visited the site again, and more over chose to go to a competitor’s website to complete their shopping or ordering or product search.

Other Sites Have To Match The Pros –

Before you think that the 10 second threshold standard is too short for websites, then think again. The leading e-commerce platform, Amazon passes the test with a few seconds load time on a standard 12 Mbps broadband connection. Keep in mind that Amazon is a big site with plethora of images and graphics, and still it makes it before 10 seconds. So, your e-commerce site has to match up to this 10 second threshold if you want to hold on to your visitors, and make sure they keep coming back.

Candidifo can help you achieve this task and do more, as we specialize in creating affordable, professional and customized E-commerce website designs Outsource to us, and watch your business grow.