Get More Than 8,000 Free Fonts!

If you are a web designer you know very well that selecting just the right font for your design can be quite challenging. While there are quite a few excellent fonts available out there, most of the time we find that the best ones often come for a hefty price. In the wake of these issues faced by our designers, we decided to share and review this excellent resource from Urbanfonts, comprising 8000 freeware fonts with everyone.



The whole website has been well structured which makes it quite easy to browse and select the fonts of your choice. On top of the page in the “Browse Free Fonts” section as you take you mouse over the font category it shows you a preview of the type font which can save you a lot of valuable time. A click on one of the categories and the landing page shows you the listing of the fonts along with larger previews. Not only that you also have the option to change the text, change font size, choose a background and more. See below:


Since there are so many fonts to choose from, on the right side of the home page you have the “Top Searches” area can let you preview the most popular fonts, a good way to know what’s in. Further, you also have the font blog which is replete with the latest news about the fonts, moreover on the blog forum you can share with the like minded designers your opinions, ideas, etc.