How Much Does it Cost to Make an App in 2024: Understanding Cost Factors

Are you an entrepreneur looking to build a mobile app but have no idea how much does it cost to make an app? You’re in the right place! In this blog post, we’ll look into the overall cost of making an app. We’ll cover different factors that impact price, available ways to keep costs down, and go over topics like hiring developers or working with a development agency. Let’s dive in and see what it takes to bring your dream project from concept to reality!

The most basic but crucial part of any budget for a mobile app development project is an app development cost estimate. How much does it cost to create an app for my business by hiring an app development company versus how much does it cost to make an app? This is a common question.

Mobile development companies have the right set of skills to efficiently tackle multi-platform mobile app development projects after several years in the market. App projects are quite complicated and may involve advanced mobile technology such as Machine Learning to power sophisticated computation, augmented reality, Blockchain, Internet of Things, and more.

Working with such an experienced team will safeguard you from making the same mistakes, allowing you to quickly outperform rival app development companies. Again, based on previous experience, app development is a multi-step process that requires careful planning and a proper timeline.

If you decide to create a mobile app on your own, you can certainly reduce the cost of app development, at least in the beginning. Over time, as you work to fix bugs caused by a lack of experience, you can actually match the cost of hiring an app development company.

App Development Cost Benchmarks

The costs associated with developing apps for iOS and Android have differed significantly since the beginning of the major mobile platforms. Numerous pieces of research from established app development companies indicate that the app development costs for iOS and Android apps will be virtually identical in the future. The app’s sophistication, which can be arbitrarily classified as Simple, Medium, or Complex, is the primary factor that determines the cost of development.

It takes anywhere from two to four months to create a simple app, four to six months to create a mid-level app, and nine months or more to create a complex app. Obviously, these are just estimates because the actual app development timeline is also dependent on the team’s level of productivity and coordination.

Based on the app’s complexity, the developers should provide you with a bird’s-eye view of your app development budget. These figures don’t take into account the costs of app updates, which are a normal part of any mobile app’s lifecycle and can vary a lot depending on the app’s version and how important an update is.

Understand the App Development Process

Understanding the development process is necessary to fully comprehend the development of various apps. Prior to deciding on your app’s budget, target audience, maintenance, Android vs iOS app, app stores, and other factors consider whether you can write code. If this is not the case, you can anticipate an immediate rise in your app development estimate. Building an app will require assistance. Depending on the level of complexity of the app you’re building, you’ll need to hire a single developer or several of them. Naturally, the cost will increase proportionally to the number of developers you hire.

App Development: Factors Impacting Price in India

Native or React Native

The two major types of mobile OS are iOS and Android. The app cost calculator needs to know which development method you want to use to develop both applications. Do you want to create two distinct base codes for both Android and iOS because you don’t want to compromise speed or efficiency, or do you want to use the same fundamental base code for both devices? Native applications typically have higher app performance, scalability, and integration with various services and third-party APIs, all of which come at a higher cost. While cross-platform technologies like React Native and Flutter offer a single code base that covers both major app platforms (iOS and Android) and their scalability is comparable to that of native app development, integration with third-party services or devices can be a little more challenging.

App User Interface

Even if your app has a great backend, it won’t be a success story if people can’t get their attention focused on the design. Your application’s users will be more engaged if the user interface is great. If you’ve ever used a cost calculator for app development, you probably saw a question about what kind of UI/UX you want to keep. Some applications prefer animation, while others prefer to keep things simple and add their own style and frame. The application’s cost will be higher the more customization and animations are included in the user interface.


Certain app hackers frequently attempt to hack an app’s secured data, so, the security software must go the extra mile to strengthen the walls in order to protect the important information. The security issues that an individual is willing to address determine the cost of data security. If you don’t want to compromise on data security, you’ll probably choose rigid security software, which will cost you more to make your app.

Third-party Integration

In the event that you need to integrate the app with a third party, you authorize the app to continue using a Google or Facebook account to simplify the sign-up process. Because it takes a long time for the integration to work properly, the average app development cost will rise and the app development process will take longer if more third-party application integrations are included.

App Functionalities

The price of developing a mobile app is directly proportional to the number of features and functions it offers. The application’s concept also influences the functionalities. If you have any desire to plan an Uber-like application, then you will require Paypal or some other installment technique passage, message chatbot, message pop-up, route, geo-finder and different login choices. Each component has a different expense related to it as they require a few hours to work flawlessly after reconciliations.

App Backend

An app cannot succeed without a robust and rigid backend. It is really hard to keep the user’s personal information safe and encrypted when they share it with the application. A cloud-based server helps here. When integrating an API into the app, developers must exercise caution because, if the API is not properly integrated, the app’s functionality may block and fail to function despite multiple attempts. As a result, entire functionality depends on a solid and stable backend.

Screen Count

Even though they only display information or the output of a user’s input, the number of App screens can have a significant impact on app development costs. The more unique screens you add, the more app development costs you will incur. The app costs more if it has more screens because it needs more work to design, prototype, wireframe, and develop.

App Making Cost in Various Countries

Costs for developing an app vary depending on many of the aforementioned factors. Finding the right partner for the development journey is crucial.  An app’s development cost can range anywhere from $10,000 to $100,000 or more, depending on the project’s complexity and features. We can divide app projects into three main categories based on their complexity and features: apps that are simple, standard, and complex. The app’s features, architecture, complexity, project size, and required skills all play a significant role in determining how long and how much an app project will take to develop. The majority of apps fall into one of the first two categories, with only a few apps falling into the third.

You must develop additional details that correspond to the project’s requirements, features, and all other characteristics in order to go beyond this gross estimate. Compared with other countries, App development costs much less in India. Let us take a look at the hourly rates for App development in different countries.

CountryCost per hour
United Kingdom$35-175
North America$20-250

Cost of Mobile App Development in India


The cost of developing a custom app is largely determined by the functionalities that are selected. Compared to simple and API apps, the development costs of gaming and enterprise apps typically are higher. This is because enterprise and gaming mobile applications have a lot of features, which makes them more complicated, more expensive, and takes more time to build. 

Naturally, these are the costs associated with acquiring an app from a development company. If you choose to have your mobile app developed by a freelancer or an offshore managed resource, the estimated cost may differ. However, you should never attempt to compensate for the app’s quality. Let us take a look at the average cost of app development with respect to features.

FeaturesCostEstimated Hours
User Login$500-100020
Data Encryption$500-100020
Video Streaming$1500 or more30+
Push Notification$500-60020+
In-app Purchases$750-150030


The various platforms that you want your apps to run on are another consideration. The majority would think about iOS and Android as platforms for app development. Both the front-end and back-end app creation costs may be affected by this. Different features and characteristics can be incorporated into each platform. The majority of React Native APIs work on all platforms. With react native, you can build a complete application without having to write code for each platform.


There are more than a million different apps on the market, so there is a lot of competition. Before downloading an app or even trying it out to see how it works, the first thing that people notice about it is how it looks. By breaking down the costs of design into their various types, you can determine how much it will cost to create an app for your company. 


It is an unavoidable cost that will be followed by apps with varying budgets. The cost of this stage ranges from 15-20% of the initial development cost. It is necessary due to the release of new devices and urgent functional requirements. Apps need to be updated to stay current, just like mobile and computer software does. A portion of the significant things dealt with are facilitating information bases, bug fixing, and code improvement.


The most underrated and frequently overlooked component of the project is marketing. Therefore, it is critical to allocate funds for marketing in order to test various strategies and determine the most effective and profitable marketing strategy.

Cost Calculator for Apps Development

Any app project’s development costs and budgetary considerations always center on the cost of hiring remote developer resources.Because Indian developers charge lower hourly rates than Western developers, India continues to outperform other outsourcing destinations when it comes to lowering app development costs.The initial salary of developers in India is at least ten times higher than that of developers in all of North America and Western Europe.

In addition, Indian developers have a better understanding of tools and technologies that are priced competitively because they cater to a market dominated by startups and small businesses.In India, you can hire full-stack developers with the most expertise in app development. There are various Cost Calculators available online such as 

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Final Thoughts

India has lower app development costs than other regions of the world. Despite this, there is a fierce competition to discover additional cost-saving strategies for development. These cost-cutting measures are becoming more and more crucial as the app market expands to include startups and small businesses. There are a lot of factors to consider while developing an app. So, the estimate given by the freelance developer or the company will only be an approximate value in most cases. There might be new challenges while developing the app which is difficult to foresee and may raise the cost. Be careful while choosing the company or freelancer for your app development needs, since it will affect your budget and on-time delivery.

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Which company is best for App Development?

There are many companies that develop apps. You can choose one by customer feedback, reviews, cost per hour and time taken to deliver.

What are the other costs incurred during app development?

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