How To Communicate With Website Designers?

HowSo, why is your message not getting across? Either the artist has an impregnable shield, or maybe you are communicating in the wrong way? Here is a brief discussion on the understanding your website designers and the right way of communicating with them.

Designers Are Different From The Rest Of Us

This is a fact- artists are different. They are creative individuals, who are more often than not, guided by their passion. Whether it is a canvas, or a website design tool, the force behind getting the right work done is- Creativity. This “creativity” is what makes them different from other professionals, and arises the need to develop a new “artist handling technique”.

So, in order to make them understand what you want and where they are going wrong, you have to make use of certain words. Your priority is your site- that should be up and about on time. That is why quick and effective communication is needed, so that the designers deliver the right site and you can get on with your business. Also worth mentioning here is the essential words and vocab, that you must avoid in dealing with designers.

Things That May Ruin Your Communication With The Designers

When you do not like the sample sent in by your website designer, it can be really frustrating thing for you. You have to see your deadline and keep the costs from escalating. And if you become too hard on them, and they come in the exit mode, then that could leave your project hanging mid-air. With a new designer, it will be the whole routine from the start. Result- loss of money as well as time and business. That is why effective communication is the key- you must use certain terms to keep your professional relationship healthy.

This is horrible!“- While this line may convey your exact feeling about the design, but it doesn’t go well with the designer. Art is about perception, and you may be seeing different things in the design. The designer may label you as an unclear client who does not “understand” art!

I can do this better“- Yes, you are a full 360 degrees professional. You know website designing inside out and more importantly you know exactly what you want. But saying you can do this better, really hampers the personal touch that the designer may have been giving to your project. Bruising an artist’s ego can never get you good and quick results.

Copy From This Site“- There are certain copyright infringement issues to be considered here. Certain ethical issues also rise.

I need this finalized – NOW! NOW! NOW!“- Your concern and anxiousness is perfectly justified. Your work is top priority and you need things done pronto. Pressurizing the designer is necessary to meet deadlines, but some of them may snap under too much pressure. Dealing with this will cost you further loss of time and monetary.

The Right Means Of Communication

The artists and designers need to understand what you want clearly, so that the number of revisions needed comes down drastically. You must approach them in a way that they set aside their own preferences and do as you want. It is your site after all! To achieve this professional acquiesce, you have to use a whole new means of communication.

This is not working for me” – This is the term to be used instead of “This is horrible!”. The designer will think of it in professional terms, as to the requirements of your site and will not take it personally. With a clear mind, he will arrive at the desired design with better productivity.

Try doing it this way“- Open your re-do communication with this sentence instead of “I can do this better”. The artist will respect you for your knowledge and will try to work towards the results you want. Your experience must garner respect and not ill feeling.

For reference and guidance see this site“- The best way to give them ideas, instead of “Copy From This Site”. A designer need to be sure of himself- that he can create what his client wants on his own. He tries to avoid simply lifting concepts. That is why asking them to be inspired by some site is the right way, lest you want a debate on ethics.

“We have to keep the deadline in sight. Do not deviate”- Building pressure is essential, and you should take this route instead of- “I need this finalized – NOW! NOW! NOW!” The designer is a professional too, he knows deadlines, you just have to give him a little push-and not breathe fire down his neck. If he hurries, then the results may be worse than the earlier samples.

The Lesson To Take Home

You have to make sure that you always adopt a constructive approach in dealing with website designers. Do not be overtly critical and be clear in your instructions. This will speed up things much better. Timely delivery of projects will benefit you and if a little change in the mode of communication facilitates that, then you have nothing to lose, right?

Try with effective communication right now. Leave a comment; tell us what you think!