How To Generate Loads Of Traffic Using Social Networking Sites?

Generate Loads Of Traffic Using Social Networking Sites

Wherever you look, you would come across numerous bloggers or budding SEO experts or Internet Marketing Experts tell you how valuable Social Networking sites can be to bring in massive amounts of traffic to your website.
More often than not, the only suggestion you get from them is that by cashing in on social networking sites you can attract a large amount of traffic, but almost never do you get to know “how”? The closest it gets to “How” is when you’re told that once you sign up with the popular ones such as Digg, Stumbleupon, Reddit, Delicious etc you’d be able to get the numbers you desire. But the fact is that a lot more effort goes in to it to reap the benefits.

So for a change this post would offer specific suggestion as ‘How’ to make that happen.

Bringing in traffic through Social Networking Sites boils down to two specific suggestions:

You need to be active as a community member.

If you make a helpful contribution to the site you’ll be highly appreciated, which is certainly more than throwing in links to your posts, as and when you get a chance.

When you interact with different members of the community try to talk in the same language as is typical of them. So the age old advice ‘when in Rome do as the Romans do’ is the thing to go by. Moreover, you also need to ensure that you talk to the right audience, for instance if you’re on Stumbleupon and hope to discuss advanced physics then it might not work for you.

You need to write posts meant to attract a particular social networking site

When you write posts focusing on a particular community they can generated substantial amounts of traffic for you.

As far as the first tactic is concerned it could take a lot of your time, and its benefits could sometimes be less than the time you invest in it. Further, the kind of traffic you get from this could sometimes be less valuable, however keep in mind the secondary benefits arising out of it which are well worth your efforts.

In case you’re pressed for time then creating a blog post which appeals to a particular group is a good option. Moreover, when you create such sites they get you lots of traffic when a regular user of the site comes across your post and submits it by himself as against you submitting it yourself.

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