Powerful Combination of Ubercart and Drupal for Online Store

With lots of open source shopping carts available in market, it is often confusing to judge an appropriate one for your business. To make things pretty simple, we at Candid use Ubercart, a shopping cart suitable for the business of every client. This open source e-commerce package fully integrates the online store with Drupal. Ubercart with Drupal is an ideal combination for those who want to build a community around a product, sell access to their premium content and offer paid downloads with many more features.

The system is mainly designed to take full advantage of Drupal’s major core and contributed systems. Here are some of its features:

  • Want to add functionality to the site? No hacking code is required in Ubercart. You just have to enable a module, configure setting and get to work.
  • All the core systems of Ubercart are designed to incorporate contributed modules.
  • It has a configurable product catalog including block to display product categories and catalog pages.
  • All check out information on Ubercart is gathered on a single screen, which is composed of configurable checkout panes.
  • The accounts and emails get automatically generated on Ubercart, based on the email address of the customer.
  • You can manually create orders, add products, shipping prices from a single screen.
  • With the XML import/export features, you can import or export products, orders, customers and attributes from old store to the new Ubercart.
  • Ubercart has integrated payment system, which acts as a bridge between the acceptable payment methods and gateways.

What we like most about the shopping cart is its design, which allows officials as well as third party developers to add or alter the features for meeting any e-commerce need. This means no change of source code for adding new features. Ubercart has shopping cart functionality that will seamlessly integrate with other parts of your website.