Samplviewer: Free Customizable Flash Image Viewing Application

There is a free and customizable Flash image viewing application available at SimpleViewer. While many features are free, but if you would like to have access to advanced customization options you would need to buy the SimpleViewer-Pro instead.


The key features of the product entail:

  • Intelligent image pre-loading.
  • Intuitive image navigation
  • Lightweight (17k).
  • Customizable interface – Set text color, frame color and width, navigation position.
  • Resizable interface – Interface scales to fit browser window.
  • Cross platform – Windows/Macintosh/Linux (requires Flash 7 or higher).
  • Flash 7 detection. Users without Flash 7 are messaged to upgrade Flash.
  • International font support.
  • Keyboard Navigation (Cursor keys, Home, End, Page Up/Down)
  • Mousewheel navigation
  • Optionally right-click to open image in a new window.

If offers functionality for creating galleries in several different ways. First, through the svManager which is a PHP application that runs on your webserver. It provides a user interface for managing SimpleViewer galleries. Second, you can automatically create a SimpleViewer gallery from your desktop software e.g. PhotoShop, Picas, etc. Third, you can automatically create a gallery through a script that runs on your web server, eg PHP, ASP and Cold Fusion. Fourth, you can manually create a gallery through a text editor and image editing software. Additionally, you can use a FlickrViewer or even WordPress, with a plugin, WP-SimpleViewer, which integrates SimpleViewer galleries into WordPress.