Weekly Infographic: The 10-Step Small Business Website Checklist!

The internet has quickened the communication process around the world. Since everything happens in an instant, drawing the attention of a new visitor to a site is tougher than before. You have barely a minute to make a visitor feel interested in your website. Therefore, designing a small business website isn’t a cakewalk. First and foremost, you need to ensure that you have a visually appealing logo and header. Utilize a simple menu below the header. It will enable people to move from the part of your site to another effortlessly. Then create an interesting offer so that people share their email address for whatever you are offering. Ensure that you have content on the sidebar of each page.

Then create individual landing pages. The presence of online videos will draw greater interest from visitors. Integrate your site with social networking sites to promote engagement with your audience. Make sure that your contact details are added to the site before launching a podcast. To know more about how to create a great small business site, check out the infographic at www.chrisducker.com