The Importance of Above The Fold or ATF for your Webpage!

Above The Fold
One of the most vital part of your webpage is the top part, that is displayed almost immediately as soon as your page starts to load. The placement and relevance of this part of the page is known as ‘Above the Fold’ or ATF, as we are going to refer to it throughout this post.

Since, we are in the business of web hosting and search engine optimization, we thoroughly understand the importance of ATF visibility and how it can be a major factor in alluring or repulsing your website visitors. Hence, we decided to post up what we believe is quite useful about the relevance of ATF area and how it can be helpful and troublesome as well.

One thing that needs to be kept in mind while creating a webpage is that, your above the fold section should be the most attractive part of your page. The content, images and other factors that make up the top part of your page should be of the highest of standards. You should understand this fact that, with Internet evolving at a phenomenal rate, users neither have the time, nor the inclination to sit back and wait for your entire page to load and then go through it. If your content is appealing and inviting, then you’ve captured the user’s attention and he will definitely want to see what else you have to offer on the entire page. But, if the ATF content is boring and sloppy, then the user will simply type in another web address and leave your page for good.

While creating a landing page, you should remember that, users optimize their screen resolution for viewing web pages. 5 out of 10 people keep their screen resolution at 1024 x 768 and the rest take it even higher. Still, there a lot of people who use 800 x 600 resolution, while viewing their webpages. Hence, you need to target your webpage content resolution at 800 x 600, so that the content above the fold is accessible and visible to users and compatible with the old, the standard and the higher resolution sizes.

The ATF content is also keyword dependent, meaning, that the keywords you incorporate in your content, help in improving your visibility and the website traffic. Of course, using keywords is solely intended for the search engine result pages (SERPs) that rank your website as per the relevancy and importance of you keywords. This results in whether webpage is on the top of the search results or into oblivion, where no one will ever look for it.

At Candidinfo, we have been creating and designing websites for almost a decade and we know how important a role above the fold or ATF plays in SEO (Search Engine Optimization). The experience that we have, has enabled us to place the right kind of content at the right place, always!

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