Top 10 Shopping Carts for Developers


The large numbers of e-commerce solutions in the market have made it easier to develop an e-commerce website or to add a small store to your current site. But, there are so many open source e-commerce softwares that choosing the most appropriate one for your business could be a confusing job.

Candid Info, one of the prominent names in e-commerce solutions knows what the developers are looking for. We have come up with a refined list of top 10 shopping carts that would help you in giving an amazing look to your e-commerce site. Check them out…

    The fastest growing e-commerce solution in the market, Magento is an open source e-commerce platform that is specifically designed to empower online merchants and improve the business flow. Magento is all about versatility and freedom. You can now control every face of your online store right from merchandising to promotions with this shopping cart. It is easy to create targeted micro-sites by using the multi-store retailing functionality of Magento. The shopping cart has SEO features and its user experience will surely attract & convert more potential customers into qualified ones.Recommendation: A robust and easy to customize e-commerce shopping cart.Download Magento
    If you want to make search engine friendly websites, OS-Commerce is here for you. It is an open source e-commerce solution known for its out-of-the-box features that will enable you to run, set up and maintain online stores without spending much time or money.The shopping cart comes with SEO features like modifications to the title, URLs, meta tags, H-tags and more. The basic version of the shopping cart comes in a non-optimized state. Page naming is the most talked about factors in SEO. However, the default version on the shopping cart has long urls that make it search engine unfriendly.Recommendation: Looking for a shopping cart that is versatile and continually updated? Try OS-Commerce.Download OS-Commerce
    The user-friendly and state-of-the-art e-commerce shopping cart is the complete solution with product management and control features. You can also get upgrades and plug-ins of the shopping cart from an extra and special functionality. The best part of the shopping cart is that it puts the requirements of merchants and shoppers first.The most vital feature of the Zen-Cart is that it allows the granular management of options. With the feature, you can have unlimited options for a particular product category that would be priced on individual basis.Recommendation: Even the commercial programs have hard time competing this user-friendly, open source shopping cart.Download ZenCart
    Ubercart is an excellent open source e-commerce solution that integrates the online store with Drupal, a leading OS content management system. This combination will do wonders for anyone who is aiming at building a site around a product, offer paid file downloads, sell access to the premium content and many more features while maintaining a seamless connection with users.The shopping cart has the advantages of Drupal’s major core and contributed systems, which means you can have shopping cart functionality that will integrate with other parts of the website. You can add or alter the Ubercart features to accommodate any e-commerce need. It means, you will not be require to change the source code to add a new feature and the upgrade path will be easier as the shopping cart will continue to meet the demands of the community.Recommendation: A fully integrated e-commerce solution to virtually meet any shopping cart feature requirement.Download Ubercart
  5. eSHOP
    The feature packed eSHOP is an accessible shopping cart plugin for WordPress. It utilizes WordPress pages, posts and create products list. The best part of this shopping cart is that you can have multiple options under each product category. The shopping cart plugin comes with:
    • Various shipping options.
    • Google Base Data Creation.
    • Upload downloadable products.
    • Basic Statistics.
    • Download sales data.
    • Various shipping options.
    • Admin has access to an Order handling section.
    • User configurable email templates.
    • Configurable Out of Stock message.
    • Basic Stock Control.

    You will get several payment options like eProcessing Network, Payson, Paypal, Cash/Cheque! and more with the shopping cart.

    Recommendation: WordPress 2.7 and WPMU compatible.

    Download eShop

    The open source e-commerce shopping cart is used with a content management system Joomla, which maks it easy to be used in a PHP/MySQL environment. You can easily download, use and modify the shopping cart without any restrictions just like Joomla.Because VirtueMart is not a stand-alone script but a plug-in, it requires a PHP CMS Joomla or Mambo. There are many translations available with the shopping cart that can be found in the language pack.Recommendation: The shopping cart has received more than 1.5 million downloads so far.Download VirtueMart
    The industry’s first downloadable e-commerce system CRE Loaded is much more than an average shopping cart. It will make your online store complaint with different Payment Card Industry security rules. You can organize, manage and ship all the products from the online store through this shopping card. The CRE Loaded is compliant with all the PCI data security standards, which makes it better than other open-source shopping cart softwares.Recommendation: Known for its cost-effective and feature rich nature.Download Cre Loaded
    This out-of-the-box, fully featured e-commerce shopping cart can run on servers with a PHP or MySQL support. Used by more than a million store owners, the shopping cart quickly setup a powerful online store that can be used to sell various products to worldwide consumers.The CubeCart is easy to modify and you can change its look & feel as per your company’s nature of business. You need to have a compatible web hosting account to use the shopping cart.Recommendation: A robust and flexible solution with HTML template system.Download CubeCart
  9. X-CART
    You can term X-Cart as one of the most optimal solutions for e-commerce projects. The software is based on PHP smart templates, which make it easy to modify and the data is stored in the MySQL database. X-Cart has a W3C compliant storefront design and a CSS based layout. Here are some other features of the e-commerce software:
    • Complete source code and SQL tables for MySQL database that make them easy to extend or customize.
    • It is search engine friendly and users can specify meta tags or define custom URLs to get higher search engine rankings.

    Recommendation: An out-of-the-box shopping cart with a simple category manager feature.

    Download X-Cart

  10. CS-CART

    CS-Cart is known for its easy to use functions that will allow you to start selling online immediately. The cart is best for businesses of any size, as it is equipped with latest e-commerce innovations. The store owners looking for an affordable and ready-to-use e-commerce shopping cart mostly prefer to go with CS-Cart.If you are looking for a flexible PHP shopping cart, use this e-commerce software for building customized online stores. The fast deployment feature of the cart allows it to get your store up and run in a blink. Further, its SEO friendly features offer marketing functions like gift certificates, affiliate systems, promotions engine and more.Recommendation: Known for its powerful and highly flexible features.Download CS-Cart

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