Top 5 Free Magento Plugins

Magento is a powerful eCommerce platform. If you are using it, you will probably be aware of the fact that the basic set-up is not enough to meet all your business requirements.

There are vast number of plugins called extensions or add-ons available for Magento to help you in taking the complete leverage of the platform. All you need to do is visit the Magento Connect Store & choose the plugin that your business requires.

If this sounds a lot of work, here are the Top 5 Free Magento Plugins or say extensions, we won’t say are crucial but will be great for your Magento eCommerce website.

XML Sitemap Extension

Sitemap extension

Make your eCommerce site SEO friendly with the XML Sitemap Extension. It creates & stores the sitemap in XML file and exports the product information in categories. Also, the extension will create XML tags without concerning about the product attributes & add and display sitemaps corresponding with the categories. The XML Sitemap extension is 100% Open Source and fully compatible with other Magento extensions.

Fooman Google Analytics


Get deeper capabilities for your Google analytics with the extension. You can track Adwords purchases & conversions as well as get deeper analytics on how Adwords is converting for you. Filter your reports by customers, categorize items on transactions, put dynamic remarketing tags, and do many more things with the Fooman Google Analytics

One Page Checkout

One page checkout

Turn your 4-6 steps checkout process into a simple one with the One Page Checkout extension. It makes checkout quicker by increasing the number of completed carts, thus lowering cart abandonment & the amount of $ you would need to spend on brining those abandoned carts back. The extension allows customers to save the contact information and is integrated with Paypal. Languages such as Russian, Deutsche, and English are already included while additional languages can be added.

Magento-Wordpress Integration


Integrate your WordPress blog with your Magento store with this extension. It is compatible with Magento Enterprise, Magento Community, and Magento Professional Edition. It requires no core Magento or WordPress file modification, uses your Magento theme for the blog, and keep the URLs same so that the SEO doesn’t get affected.



Drive revenue with email & cross-channel marketing with this Magento extension. It lets you send messages on the basis of the purchase history of the customers, to make the whole experience more personal & relevant. Analyze customer metrics on the basis of Average Order Value, Total Revenue, and Last Order Total. Also, you can send simple newsletters as well as automated reminders for abandoned carts & wishlists with Bronto.

While there’s a whole lot of free & paid Magento plugins available for businesses, these are the ones we highly recommend. Are you using any of these? Is there any Magento extension that you are thoroughly impressed with? If yes, do share a word in the comment section.