Views and Tips on the Importance of Passwords!

Here at Candid, one of our most important fields of expertise is web development and keeping in mind the importance of ‘Administrator’ privileges, we understand how crucial is a password for a Webmaster. So we decided to share some information as to how users can create strong passwords.

Points to be Kept in Mind while creating a strong password:

Common elements should be avoided: To create a strong password use a mixture of uppercase and lowercase letters, numbers, and other special characters such as to make the task of cracking it more difficult. Don’t make a password that’s less than 6 to 8 characters

Make your password as unique as possible: Users should make sure that their passwords are unique in nature, thus making them really difficult to crack. One such method is to take first letters from the first line of your favorite song and then alternate between lower and uppercases. Then you can substitute a letter with a number that most resembles that letter.

Create different passwords for different sites: This will ensure that in case one of the passwords gets compromised, the other passwords remain functional and thus can temporarily substitute for the lost password. But, a new password for the lost one should be devised as soon as possible. Users should never use their email, computer, or network passwords for any other purpose. Those passwords should be completely unique.

Don’t share your passwords with anyone: Users should not disclose or share their passwords with anyone. If a user is employing a password manager, then he should never give out his master password. Password managers are not safe on a shared computer. It’s best to only use them on your personal computer.

Be careful how you share your information online: Some online services such as social networking sites and gadgets that scrape information from other products might ask for a password or an API key. Before releasing any such information, it is critical to spend some time, researching as to the what the website is all about and the measures they take to keep such information confidential.

Another way through which a password can be chosen, is to select a good security question and answer on the sites that offer that option. Mostly, these security questions are used by the websites for identification of the user, when he has forgotten his password.

There are also some interesting points at the Google Blog, that also address the issue of creating a strong password.