Website Designing Dilemma: Should you Opt for Template or Custom Designs?

Website Designing Dilemma

Time is worth a lot of money, especially in case of a business owners. So, the question of whether to go for a templated website or to get it custom designed, is often very confusing. Candid understands the requirement of every client and has expertise in providing both templated as well as custom web designing services. All the banners, corporate logos and websites are designed on latest softwares by using most advanced tools.

We have seen that most clients approaching us are not too sure of which designing solution to choose from. The basic difference between the two is that templates are website designs that have been already created and designed, whereas custom designs are made as per the specifications given by the client.

When we talk about templates, you have the freedom to see what you are buying, before you pay for it. With our professional website templates, you don’t have to start from scratch, you can just select ready- made template to build a functional, attractive and successful website. Some other benefits include:

  • Templates are less expensive than customized websites.
  • You get to do immediate download after the purchase.

Before going for a templated website, you should also consider some of its disadvantages:

  • You can only add your choice of graphic/ color and do minor changes in the template.
  • You might find your competitor coming out with same website design.
  • The hand-crafted look is missing in the custom templates.

One should know that e-business is not only about selling online or having a website. You will be successful only if, you are able to create a hold over the market. This can be done by choosing right web designing solution for your business. Here are some facts you must consider before designing a website.

  • The businesses dealing with the creative industry, or the brand centered business must opt for custom designs.
  • Websites, those revolve around a single person, must be hand crafted to fit into the personality of the reader.
  • If your website is more of a corporate or brochure type, then it is better to go for a template design.

Before outsourcing website designing work to a company, it is essential that you understand the basic difference between template and custom design websites. This is really going to help you in getting best output from the service provider.