WP e-Commerce: A Fully Integrated WordPress Shopping Cart Plugin

WP e-Commerce
WordPress, an open source application is a great way of brand positioning and doing business on the World Wide Web. There are numerous plugins available that make WordPress even more resourceful application for businesses. The WP e-commerce plugin is a perfect example of state-of-the-art e-Commerce platform that focuses on web standards, usability and aesthetics. Being a known name for WP Cusotmization, Candid strives to come out with amazing open source wordpress blog and shopping cart designs to perfectly meet the business needs of customers. To match up with the on-going trends, we keep an eye on the best tools and wordpress plugins introduced in the market. The flexible and amazing features of fully integrated shopping cart plugin has caught our attention. We are not only using but recommending the plugin to all the clients.

Here are some features of the WP e-Commerce plugin:

  • The plugin is easy to be used with trusted payment processors like Google Checkout, Paypal, Authorize.net and Payment Express.
  • You can sell products, services and fees online
  • Easy acceptance of online payments.
  • The plugin seamlessly integrates with WordPress Update System. Whenever you upload a new product, the world knows about it.
  • WP e-Commerce utilizes the popular “Share This” plugin, so that your customer can bookmark and promote your products.
  • It is well known that the less pages a buyer have to browse, the more sales you make. The WP e-Commerce plugin is streamlined, quick and simple to use, thus provide a great shopping experience on your site.
  • You can customize and tweak the look of your site with the plugin.

Choosing right plugins is a crucial part in designing a WordPress shopping cart. You have to focus on the distinguishing features of plugin that will make your shopping cart better than others. Team Candid understands your business, requirement and thus, uses the WP e-commerce plugin for the project.