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Codeigniter development services to drive growth and reinvent web applications.

Codeigniter development services

Our team of experts for Codeigniter development develops scalable web applications and websites. They have the expertise to provide fast, dynamic, and robust solutions for all kinds of industries. CI is based on the model-view-controller (MVC) structure that allows our experts to create engaging Codeigniter solutions. We help our clients to gain a competitive edge in their niche.

Our team leverages the functionality of the Codeigniter framework to create web applications. We strive to add innovation to web applications through new strategies in Codeigniter web development. Candid has experienced developers that offer high-quality solutions with a wide range of powerful features of the PHP framework. We are well-known to develop engaging websites and web applications for a myriad of businesses. We house some of the best CI experts who have experience working in PHP for more than a decade.

Why CodeIgniter for Web Development?

  • Easily controllable features
  • XSS filtering
  • Editable PHP Programs
  • Easy to interpret
  • Omnipotent functionalities
  • MVC based systems
  • Time efficient development process
  • Free coupling
  • Operational database support
  • No complex coding rules
  • No “Installation” Required
  • Compatible with all major web servers and platforms

Codeigniter is a popular PHP framework that is used for developing scalable web development. As it is based on MVC structure, it allows the developers to create innovative and engaging solutions. It is quite popular among PHP developers due to its simple and easy-to-use traits. It reduces the need for writing code from scratch and has a simple logical structure.

Codeigniter has nearly zero configuration which speeds up the process of development. Its astounding features have made the development process simple and agile. Our team of experts can help you in scaling up your business operations and can contribute to taking your business to new heights. Our services are focused on developing top-notch websites and web applications in the least time possible. We offer the highest quality at very affordable prices.

CodeIgniter for Web Development

Looking for the Best Custom CodeIgniter Development Services?

Share your brief and get a guaranteed response within 24 hours.

Why Choose Candid as Your Codeigniter Development Company?

Candid is one of the top companies for Codeigniter development India. We offer customized services for Codeigniter web and web applications that are designed to suit your specific needs. We provide the most suitable services for startups, small businesses, and big enterprises.

We have served 20+ industries and provided appropriate solutions to meet various challenges to the best of our abilities. We have the best and sharpest minds in the industry to drive growth who are committed to offering excellent results and are highly dedicated.

  • We have completed hundreds of projects and focus on creating value through the latest technologies.
  • We understand that time is of the essence and deliver the best results in the least time possible.
  • We offer unprecedented development services that can help you build the perfect online business platform efficiently.
  • We have proven experience in using Codeigniter web development and have been offering the best services available in the market.
Codeigniter Development Company
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Here’s what our customers have to say…

We value our clients above everything and respect their business’s goals and visions. We incorporate all their requirements into our project and have been serving them to the best of our abilities.

Codeigniter Development Services We Offer

CodeIgniter Customization Services

CodeIgniter Customization Services

Our team of experts strives to build highly functional and customer-friendly applications. The applications have a suite of features such as plugins, custom templates, and modules for amplifying the functionality of the application. Our team ensures that every application that we customize caters to the needs of the client.

CodeIgniter Web Development

CodeIgniter Web Development

We have highly skilled developers who have expertise in creating the best quality Codeigniter web applications and advanced portals. They aim to create applications that are fully functional and can add value to your business. We offer excellent web development services that meet and exceed your expectations.

CodeIgniter eCommerce Development

CodeIgniter eCommerce Development

We have a proficient team of developers that can create a secure and flexible Codeigniter eCommerce open-source website with features such as checkout, browsing, shipping integration, secure payments, and more. We develop feature-rich Codeigniter websites and web applications as per your requirements.

CodeIgniter Migration Solutions

CodeIgniter Migration Solutions

Our skilled team of experts has made migration between various Codeigniter platforms easy and efficient. We offer smooth and hassle-free Codeigniter app migration services within the least possible time. We ensure to take full advantage of the powerful attributes of the Codeigniter framework.

CodeIgniter Upgrade Services

CodeIgniter Upgrade Services

We offer top-notch Codeigniter upgrade services that include installation of the latest version, modification of the plugins, and ensuring that your web application functions properly. Technology keeps on changing and our services can ensure that you stay updated on the ever-changing Codeigniter framework.

Module & Plugin Development

Module & Plugin Development

We create interactive, dynamic, and custom modules and plugins. We have served clients across diverse industry verticals and have improved their web applications. We strive to offer the best user experience. Our module and plugin development services can enhance the functionality of your apps.

Looking for the Best Custom CodeIgniter Development Services?

Share your brief and get a guaranteed response within 24 hours.

Our CodeIgniter Development Process


Project Requirement

We begin by understanding the client’s requirements and prepare strategies accordingly. We ensure that nothing is missed out in our planning and strive to meet and exceed our client’s expectations. We aim to deliver the best solutions as per the needs and goals of your business.

Project Requirement
Business Analysis


Business Analysis

We carry out thorough research for business analysis to understand your customer base properly. We aim to identify the business needs and determine appropriate solutions. We follow a holistic approach and ensure that all the requirements are met. The developers ensure that the applications are well-designed.


Dedicated Codeigniter Solutions

Our Codeigniter developers offer end-to-end development services and long-term solutions. We follow a stringent and transparent process to offer customized solutions to our clients. The clients are given regular updates during the entire process and integrity is ensured. Our experts work dedicatedly to deliver the best results.

Dedicated Codeigniter Solutions
Testing & Quality Assurance


Testing & Quality Assurance

The application is precisely tested before delivering to the client. Attention is paid to every finest detail to ensure that all the minor technicalities are properly dealt with. Candid offers the ideal combination of the highest quality and competitive prices. The developers do not compromise on the quality of the work and deliver it on time.


Support & Maintenance

Our team works round the clock to provide support and maintenance services whenever the need arises. They help to resolve all the post-development issues and make sure that your web application runs smoothly without any inconvenience. Our maintenance services help in ensuring that your application stays in its best health.

Support & Maintenance

Looking for the Best Custom CodeIgniter Development Services?

Share your brief and get a guaranteed response within 24 hours.

Frequently Asked Questions

What does Codeigniter development mean?

Codeigniter is open-source software that is used to develop web applications and websites with the PHP framework. It is a popular choice among developers because it has a very rich set of functionality which increases the speed of the development process.

Why should you select Codeigniter for web development?

Codeigniter is open-sourced, has an easy configuration, and offers the best testing facility. It has a secure framework and offers hassle-free migration. Codeigniter has a user-friendly interface, it has robust template solutions and the errors are easy to manage.

Is the structure of Codeigniter secure?

The Codeigniter system is secure and the experts at Candid ensure that no one can access your database unless you allow it. We have extensive security systems and are capable of preventing any intrusion. We have been in this business for many years and have experience in dealing with all the issues.

What all Codeigniter development services does candid offer?

Candid is one of the top-rated Codeigniter development companies with highly skilled and dedicated developers who specialize in Codeigniter development. Services offered by Candid include Codeigniter customization, web development, eCommerce development, migration, upgrade, module and plugin development services.

Is Codeigniter a good choice for large applications?

Codeigniter conveniently supports many big applications and performs flawlessly for a long time. It is based on a PHP framework that has MVC (model, view, controller) structure. It has many features including quick development and ease to use.

What features does the Codeigniter framework have?

Codeigniter is a feature-rich PHP framework that allows developers to create powerful applications. The main features are MVC architecture, extremely lightweight, security, error-handling, unit testing, data encryption, full page caching, form and data validation, and more.

How does PHP Codeigniter work

Codeigniter is a PHP framework based on an MVC structure that is used to develop robust web applications and websites. It provides libraries for connection to the database and performs a wide range of operations like uploading files, sending emails, managing sessions, and more.

How long does it take to build a Codeigniter web application or website?

Its framework is developer-friendly and allows it to build applications quickly with less coding, database attraction, and easy security management. The time required to develop a website or web application with Codeigniter depends on the level of complexity, features, and customization involved.

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