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What is Heroku

What is Heroku?

Heroku is a popular cloud service platform that has grown in recent years. It has become a top choice of many developers because it’s easy to use. Heroku enables simple app development and deployment and focuses on supporting customer-friendly applications. Heroku manages the hardware and software, so the business does not have to worry about the infrastructure that supports them, they can focus on perfecting their apps.

Users receive the highest quality experiences with Heroku. The platform enables the developers to carry out efficient application deployment, management, and scaling. It is the fastest way to go from idea to URL, bypassing all the infrastructure headaches. Our proficient team of developers can build, monitor, scale, and deliver applications with Heroku. The platform is specially designed to provide tools that maximize productivity.

Benefits of Heroku Services



Heroku is the best choice for businesses looking to get their apps developed cost-effectively. It is the ideal choice as it offers the best user experience at reasonable prices.

Enhance With Add-Ons

Enhance With Add-Ons

With Heroku, applications can be enhanced with add-ons. Add-ons help in better management of the apps as well as enhance the application. They are the components that can support your application, such as data monitoring, processing, analytics, storage, and more.

Security And Privacy

Security And Privacy

Heroku offers data security with high-end encryptions and isolated networks with Dynos. The platform protects customers by applying security controls at every layer. It can rapidly deploy security updates without service interruption.


Multi-Language Support

Heroku supports multiple programming languages such as Ruby, Java, PHP, Python, Node, Go, Scala, Clojure, and more. The list of programming languages that Heroku supports keeps on growing. It is the best multi-language cloud application platform.

Better Application Management

Better Application Management

Heroku offers automatic recovery against failures, instant scalability, and efficient load balancing. Its features allow app management conveniently without interrupting the services. It is based on a managed container system with a powerful ecosystem.

Data Management

Robust Data Management

Heroku provides a secure and scalable database-as-a-service with many tools like database followers, forking, data clips, and automated health checks. Heroku offers a rich ecosystem of managed data services including Heroku Postgres, Heroku Redis, and Apache Kafka.

Looking for the best custom Heroku service?

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Why Choose Candid For Heroku?

We offer premium Heroku cloud application development services and deliver solutions that are specially tailored to meet your specific requirements. We can offer the best services without tampering with your budget. We have a skilled team of developers who are well-versed in Heroku and can take care of all your needs.

  • INDUSTRY EXPERIENCE : Our team has immense experience in coding for this system and building complex applications. Our experts provide the topmost solutions.
  • SCALABLE SOLUTIONS : We have been lauded for offering reliable and scalable services. Our experts ensure that traffic spikes are easily detected and more dynos are created accordingly.
  • SUPERIOR QUALITY : We offer the best quality services in the least possible time. We do not compromise on quality and offer cost-effective solutions.
  • ON-TIME DELIVERY : We understand that time is of the essence and value it. Our team strictly follows deadlines and ensures the timely delivery.
  • We maintain integrity and transparency and provide every small detail throughout the entire process.

Heroku, the Platform-as-a-Service comes with many beneficial and powerful features. It offers easy data integration through fully managed data services that are based on open-source projects. It makes working with your data easy with third-party add-ons. Heroku allows developers to build engaging and customer-friendly apps. It supports multiple programming languages such as Java, Ruby, PHP, Python, and more. The apps run in dynos that provide load balancing and security.

Some of the most demanding applications are run on Heroku and it can easily scale apps in a single click with no downtime. The applications run smoothly and efficiently. It has excellent data management and security options. You can conveniently control your customer data without any hassles.

Heroku allows you to achieve your goals faster than ever by increasing efficiency and deployment speed. This cloud-based platform can make your business agile and incremental in its approach to development. It can enhance customer experience and help in maintaining transparency. We offer superior Heroku services that are highly secure and reliable.

Leverage the powerful features of the Heroku platform

Looking for the best custom Heroku service?

Share your brief and get a guaranteed response within 24 hours.

Our Heroku Cloud Development Services

Heroku App Development

Heroku App Development

Candid delivers out-of-the-box Heroku cloud solutions, our team of developers has years of experience in developing powerful Heroku applications. They can leverage every aspect of the Heroku platform and build scalable, strong, and cost-effective applications.

Our developers can personalize your applications to record, track, and store details of your customers through every stage. The experts can develop applications in less time as they have to spend minimal time on time-consuming activities such as building email servers and load balancing.

Heroku Data Management And Administration

Heroku Data Management And Administration

Our team of experts can provide excellent data management and data administration solutions. They can help your business with the overall management of your data resources. Strong, organizing, and properly maintaining data is very important for the consistent growth of any and every business.

We can help you collect, keep, and use your data securely and efficiently. We provide the best possible alternatives at competitive prices. Our services can help you in improving your performance and take your business to new heights.

Heroku Integrated Development Solutions

Heroku Integrated Development Solutions

Candid offers Heroku integrated application development solutions to all kinds of businesses and helps them in developing robust and scalable applications on the cloud. Our experts follow an integrated approach to integrated development.

Our team possesses vast experience and has a proven track record of delivering the highest quality services. They have access to the best technical resources to deliver good services to the best of their abilities. They have the required knowledge and skill-set to provide Heroku integrated development solutions.

Heroku Cloud Solutions

Heroku Cloud Solutions

Experts at Candid offer an extensive range of Heroku cloud solutions for developing and managing applications. We can help you meet your business challenges head-on with our services. We have been the best in business for many years and offer the best possible solutions that meet and exceed your expectations.

We provide scalable cloud solutions including superior tools and other ancillary solutions. Our team of experts provides monitoring, optimization, automated compliance, and governance. They contribute to designing value-driven business solutions that can accelerate your business performance.

Firebase Integration

Firebase Integration

Firebase is a scalable and robust framework that is used for building applications. We have a proficient team of experts who provide firebase integration services. Developing a successful app is a complex task but firebase has all the tools for it.

We can help you improve your apps by implementing features such as real-time crash reporting, advanced analytics, cloud messaging, A/B testing, and more. We do firebase integration with many platforms like Admob, Adwords, Play Store, Data Studio, and more as per your business needs.

Heroku Support And Maintenance

Heroku Support And Maintenance

Our team of dedicated professionals works round the clock to provide Heroku support and maintenance services whenever the need arises. They are skilled and know their way around Heroku applications and can take care of all the issues. They strive to ensure that your application is free from inconsistencies.

Our maintenance and support services can provide you with a competitive edge in your niche by staying ahead of others. We can help in developing and expanding your business as per the needs of your customers.

Looking for the best custom Heroku service?

Share your brief and get a guaranteed response within 24 hours.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is Heroku a cloud service?

Heroku is a cloud platform-as-a-service that is based on a container system. Professional developers use it to manage, deploy, and scale applications. It is a flexible, elegant, and easy-to-use platform that offers the best way of creating modern apps.

Is Heroku good for startups?

Heroku is a good platform for startups, it helps in monitoring the uptime, performance, and infrastructure. It eliminated the need to hire additional staff for all this work. Anyone from the team can manage the operations of the app from the shared dashboard.

What is the difference between Docker and Heroku?

A major difference between Docker and Heroku is that Docker can run in an environment of your preference, whether a remote server or a public cloud service like AWS (Amazon Web Services). But that cannot be the case for Heroku, it must run in its cloud environment.

Are AWS and Heroku the same?

Heroku is a cloud-based platform that is based on AWS. Heroku’s services are simpler to use than Elastic Compute Cloud. It supports efficient, deploying, building, and fast scaling of apps. It is popular for its add-on capability and supports management and alert tools.

Is Heroku good for developing apps?

Heroku is the topmost choice of many developers as it has many powerful features. It especially focuses on supporting customer-based applications and enables the developers to develop and deploy apps conveniently.

Is Heroku a good choice for businesses?

Heroku offers a secure platform for all kinds and sizes of businesses. Candid offers an extensive range of Heroku cloud development services and support and maintenance services. We have experience of working with many industries and can assure you that Heroku has great benefits.

What are the benefits of Heroku?

Heroku has many advantages, it is easy-to-use and developer-centric, and offers scalable hosting, data management, and the highest security. It allows developers to build great applications without having to worry about obstacles.

What all Heroku services are provided by Candid?

Candid offers a wide range of Heroku services including app development, data management and administration, integrated development solutions, Heroku cloud solutions, firebase integration, support, and maintenance services.

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