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What Is Pay Per Click Marketing

Pay Per Click Marketing

Pay-per-click is the form of advertising which is used to drive traffic to your website. It is used to increase sales, generate leads, and enhance brand awareness. It’s one of the best marketing tactics to buy web traffic for your website.

  • The advertisers pay every time someone clicks on the ad, hence, the name pay-per-click.
  • The PPC model can be used for google as well as other platforms such as Youtube, Facebook, LinkedIn, and more.
  • The marketers place your ad strategically on multiple platforms to make your services and products visible to your target audience.
  • The advertisements that you generally come across on online platforms are pay-per-click ads that lead you to the publisher’s website.

Why PPC Marketing Works For Your Business

Pay-per-click is an incredible way to maximize your ROI and increase conversions. It can connect you with the customers who are looking for the products and services that you offer. PPC marketing services can improve your profitability by driving in more customers. It can boost your brand recognition and help you scale up your business quickly. With PPC, you can reach out to a wider customer base with ease. The more your ads appear on the search engines, the better results you will get.

Low Barrier To Entry

Low Barrier To Entry

PPC has a low barrier to entry, it can get your campaign up and running in the least possible time. Even if you are years behind your competitors, you can still catch up to them with the help of our PPC marketing services.

Improved Brand Visibility

Improved Brand Visibility

PPC shows your services and products in places where your target audience is found. It increases your brand awareness by introducing it at many places through ads. This way, your reach increases and you get more conversions.

Quick Experimentation

Quick Experimentation

Many experiments can be done to check which ad would perform well in the market. The experts create many versions of your ad to check which one to optimize and launch to generate the highest possible leads.

One-Time Campaign Promotions

One-Time Campaign Promotions

If you do not have the budget to implement ongoing marketing, then PPC allows you to launch one-time campaign promotions. Pay-per-click is a very cost-effective way to introduce your products and services to a wide range of people.

Fast Results

Fast Results

PPC comes with the biggest advantage of quick results right after launching the campaign. You can see the results overnight as soon as your campaign is launched by the agency. Although to get more favorable results, you need consistent improvements.

Immediate And Consistent Traffic

Immediate And Consistent Traffic

PPC enhances your brand exposure and drives more traffic to your website. It works effectively with SEO and is the quickest way to run campaigns, kick-off marketing, and get immediate as well as consistent traffic from your target audience.

Trackable Data

Trackable Data

PPC allows tracking and measuring data. Google Analytics has the feature to automatically track the metrics of your campaign, the number of view impressions, clicks, and conversions. It provides you with an accurate picture of your PPC campaign.

Total Customization

Total Customization

Pay-per-click campaigns can be customized as per the needs of your target audience. You get the option of selecting everything for your campaign, from keywords to the zip codes where you want your ad to appear and everything in between.

Looking For The Best Custom PPC Management Services?

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Why CandidInfo PPC Services Are Best for your Business

Being one of the leading PPC service providers, we can provide you with the highest quality services. With our extensive experience, we are well-equipped to take care of your market needs and offer the best custom solutions.

  • Premier Google Partner
    Candid is a top-notch company and has achieved the status of premier Google partner.
  • Comprehensive PPC Audit
    we follow a holistic approach and our experts specialize in offering complete PPC audit services.
  • Dedicated Pay Per Click Specialists
    we house the best minds available in the market who have the required expertise and experience.
  • 100% ROI focused
    our campaigns are focused on maximizing your ROI through increased sales and profit.
  • Detailed Reporting
    we prepare detailed reports to demonstrate the performance of our PPC campaigns.
PPC Services

Here’s what our customers has to say…

We follow a client-centric approach and value our client’s feedback more than anything. We have been in business for many years and our clients can vouch for our services.

What PPC Management Services Does Candidinfo Offer?

Paid Text Ads Icon

Paid Text Ads

Text ads are one of the most common types of search ads. They are known as text ads because they consist of the text entirely including a headline, a URL, and a description. It is used to market your products and services on Google. They are designed in a way that it reaches people conveniently while they are simply browsing through websites or using apps. A text ad is visible on the Google results page.

They appear with a kind of language that labels them as ads and viewers can understand that they are paid promotions. The text ad is made informative, relevant, and engaging so that it effectively reaches your target audience. We create extraordinary text ads that can provide you with a competitive edge and make you stay ahead of your competitors. It brings many new visitors to your website and increases your conversion rates.

Display Ads
Display Ads Icon

Display Ads

A display ad includes an image, text, and URL that takes the customer to your website. Display ads are visible to the people who might have indicated in their search that they are interested in the products and services that you offer. They have a lower spending budget and can be created in various shapes and sizes. You can choose from a variety of styles and formats according to your business goals.

With Google Display Network, your display ads can access a wide range of websites and you can place your ad on the right websites where you can find your target audience. It offers extensive reach and includes demographic targeting. The number of impressions, click, and conversions can be tracked conveniently.

Retargeting Icon


Retargeting ads focus on those customers who visited your website once but did not make any conversions. With retargeting ads, you can reach out to them again and increase the probability of turning them into your customers. The ad will remind them to visit your website again and go through the items they viewed earlier. Advertising plays a vital role in the digital world and bringing your customers back can be very beneficial for you.

About 97% of customers do not buy anything when they visit your website for the first time. Retargeting ads give you the chance to remind them of your products and services and bring them back. Retargeting has become a vital tool to increase customer loyalty and increase your sales.

Shopping Campaigns
Shopping Campaigns Icon

Shopping Campaigns

Shopping campaigns can be used to promote your online store, find better leads, and boost traffic to your website. The quality of your leads can be increased by featuring product information directly in the shopping ads. This way, your target audience is more likely to make a purchase. Shopping ads make use of the attributes of your products and services that are defined by you only.

The details of your products match with the searches of the target audience and show them relevant products. Finding relevant ads when they are looking for the same product can result in higher conversions for your website. We can create innovative shopping campaigns for your website and help your business grow.

Local Services Ads Icon

Local Services Ads

Local services ads show your products and services directly to your potential customers. They focus on the customers who are more likely to book your services. Local services ads appear at the top of Google results. In this type, the customers choose your services from the rest of the available options and reach out to you. Google shows your ad when customers look for the services in your chosen areas.

The Local Services ads app provides you a notification or message every time a customer chooses your services. You can respond to them and ensure that the lead gets converted. The experts at Candid can help you utilize your pay-per-lead approach for local aspects. Our services focus on connecting the right advertiser with the right job.

Local Services Ads

Looking For The Best Custom PPC Management Services?

Share your brief and get a guaranteed response within 24 hours.

Our PPC Service Process

Define Performance Goals

We begin with determining your goals and objectives. A PPC campaign without clearly defined goals can fail which is why our team ensures that they are laid out before beginning the work. Guided strategies are always likely to succeed, having well-defined goals can direct throughout the campaign and ensure that we stay on the right track. Our experts can come up with effective campaigns that are tailored to meet your needs.



Implement Tracking

To find out what’s working and what’s not, we implement tracking to analyze everything thoroughly. Conversions are of utmost importance which makes the need to implement tracking even more important. Not tracking is like driving down in the dark without your glasses. Our experts implement tracking to ensure that you get an accurate idea of the number of impressions, clicks, and conversions your website is getting through our campaign.

Build Keywords & Targeting

We focus on the most suitable keywords that will bring up your website on top of Google search results. Keywords play a vital role in showing your products and services to your target audience. We carry out market research and find out the words that people use when looking for the services that you offer. PPC campaigns revolve around keywords and our team can find you the right ones to succeed.



Develop Ad Copy & Creative

Designing your ad is important but it is the ad copy that brings visitors to your website. The ad copy should be concise and compelling. Your ad copy is the first thing your target audience sees when they perform a search. The design ad creative will boost your conversions and make sure that your ad performs better. The creative copy sets the tone of your brand.

Optimize Landing Pages

Landing page optimization refers to improving the elements on your website that result in conversions. Our ultimate goal is to create pages that engage your target audience so that your business can drive more leads. It raises the ROI of your PPC campaign and gives you guaranteed results. We have a proficient team who can assist you with optimizing your landing pages to the best of their abilities.



Create Bidding Strategy, Monitor, Report & Refine

Our team creates suitable bidding strategies as per your business requirements and goals. We consider every element and come up with the best bidding strategy for your business. We monitor the performance of our PPC ad campaign and create detailed reports to demonstrate the results. After analyzing what worked and what didn’t, we refine our campaign and make the required changes to provide you with the best results.

Looking For The Best Custom PPC Management Services?

Share your brief and get a guaranteed response within 24 hours.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is PPC?

PPC refers to pay-per-click, it is a marketing strategy that buys traffic for your website. You are the advertiser who pays a small fee every time a user clicks on your advertisement. You can promote your products and services on other websites, in search results, and on various other platforms wherever your target audience is found.

What is the expense of a PPC campaign?

The cost of the PPC campaign depends on your business goals and requirements. The type, size, and industry of your business will influence the costs involved. The type of strategy you are looking to roll out also plays a significant role. We are well known for providing top-notch services at competitive prices.

How much traffic can you expect?

The traffic that your website gets will depend upon the type of campaign implemented and your advertising budget. The more fuel we have, the better results can be generated. The traffic will vary but you can expect to get good results within no time.

Why should you choose a PPC advertising method?

PPC is a flexible method that allows you to advertise your products and services without creating a hole in your pocket. With PPC, you can target your ideal audience directly and your conversion rate is likely to increase at a good rate.

Does the target audience click on the PPC ad?

The ads are targeted to reach a specific audience who is already looking for the products and services that you offer. Being at the right time in front of the right people increases your chances of conversions. People who click on the PPC ad are likely to make a conversion as they are already searching for your type of business.

What kind of results can you expect from the campaign?

We focus on driving more traffic to your website and enhancing conversions. We aim to ensure that your potential customers turn into your clients. We evaluate everything about your current position, the amount of traffic your website is receiving, and how many people converted. We then prepare strategies and implement them.

How many conversions can you expect?

We can track your conversions through our ads and analyze the performance of our campaigns. We offer gradual improvements to get you as many conversions as possible. The number of conversions will vary but with our PPC campaigns, your conversion rate can increase over time.

Does Candid monitor the ad campaign to ensure your money is not wasted?

Our team monitors your PPC campaign daily to check the performance of the ads. We prepare detailed reports to show the results of our campaign. Our experts also make the required changes to meet your goals efficiently. We follow a holistic approach and make sure you are investing in the right place.

Let’s talk about your pay per click outsourcing project

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