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Leading Shopify Development Company in India

Shopify Development Company

If you are looking for a professional Shopify development company, then Candid is the right place for you. We aim to help eCommerce entrepreneurs with scalable, fully customized, next-gen, and conversion-oriented Shopify stores. With our technological expertise, you can launch your eCommerce store with ease. Our Shopify developers can set up your online store with versatile features.

We can design your Shopify online store that will make your business carve a niche in your industry. Our developers make innovative and advanced websites that have a responsive user interface and provide a premium experience to users. As a leading Shopify development company India, we understand the peculiarities of both Shopify and web development. We house the best minds who can provide your business with a competitive edge.

Benefits of Choosing Shopify Development

Shopify is trusted by thousands of merchants to build their online stores. It has emerged as a leading platform that follows a comprehensive approach to eCommerce development. It has a robust retail ecosystem that can aid businesses of all sizes, ranging from startups to large-scale businesses. Shopify is very popular because it is completely cloud-based, it does not require any software installations or hosting services.

Marketing cost

Pocket Friendly

Shopify and its modules will not create a hole in your pocket. It is reasonable and can fit your budget. Merchants can choose the plan according to their needs.

Wide Range Of Themes

Wide Range Of Themes

Shopify offers many themes that can make your online store stand out from the crowd. There are 70+ options available to choose from that can make your store look unique.

Mobile SEO Service

Mobile Commerce Ready

Shopify comes with the advantage of a built-in mobile commerce shopping cart. The customers can conveniently browse and buy your products through any mobile device.

Amazing Customization Abilities

Amazing Customization Abilities

Shopify has great customization abilities, you can purchase a domain name through Shopify or use your name. It is flexible in this regard. The website can be customized as per your needs.

Easy Setup And Configuration

Easy Setup And Configuration

Shopify is without a doubt the easiest way to set up your eCommerce store. Its easy setup and configuration provide the fastest way to start selling.

Data Confidentiality And Fraud Protection

Data Confidentiality And Fraud Protection

Shopify is a very secure platform that keeps payment information and business data confidential and protected.

Looking for the Best Custom Shopify Development Services?

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What Makes Candid A Reputed Shopify Development Company?

We have years of experience and have the expertise to take your business to new pinnacles. We have delivered many projects to clients from various fields. We can deliver exactly what you require. We are well known for delivering top-notch solutions.

Comprehensive Analysis

We carry out a comprehensive analysis of the market and know what the users need. We follow a holistic approach to ensure that your online store is up to date and has all the advanced features.

Agile Development Approach

Our team of experts delivers value-driven projects to our clients. We focus on delivering end-to-end functioning websites that meet and exceed your expectations. We make sure that your business goals are properly incorporated.

On-Time Project Delivery

We understand that time is of the essence and our team ensures the timely delivery of the projects. We offer the highest quality services in the least possible time. We strive to get your business up and running as soon as possible.

Value-Based Engagement Models

Our services are tailored as per your business needs and focus on bringing more conversions to your business. We combine Shopify’s rich features with our expertise to deliver state-of-the-art eCommerce stores.

Advanced Security & Scalability

We offer advanced security and scalability along with full functionality and enhanced aesthetics. Security is a major concern when it comes to running an online store, but our services are reliable as we provide technologically advanced features.

Complete Search Engine Optimization

We implement comprehensive strategies and provide complete search engine optimization to ensure that your website is always on top. Our SEO services can improve the quality and quantity of your website’s traffic.

End To End Shopify Development

Our end-to-end Shopify development services are designed to help you in achieving your business goals. We offer a wide range of Shopify development services and can take care of all your business to the best of our abilities.

100% Satisfaction Guaranteed

We follow a client-centric approach and strive to ensure that our clients are fully satisfied. We take approvals at every stage and ensure that nothing is missed out. We aim to deliver solutions that meet your demands.

Dedicated Shopify Developers

Our Shopify developers have the required experience as well as expertise to handle your work. They are dedicated and competent to build, manage, and upgrade your online stores as per your requirements.

We Offer Personalized Shopify Development Services

Our services are tailored to meet your specific requirements. We value your visions and goals and offer personalized Shopify development services that are specially catered to meet your needs. From the very beginning, we focus on boosting the sales of our clients and helping them unlock new opportunities to take their business to new heights.

We have set high standards and our experts match them. Our developers possess rich experience and top-notch skills in Shopify. They carry out thorough research to understand the expectations of your customer base and devise strategies accordingly. We provide personalized solutions that can enhance your brand value. Our proficient team of developers can help you take your business to the next level.

Shopify Development Services
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Here’s what our customers has to say…

We value feedback from our clients and incorporate them into our services. Our ultimate aim is to make sure that our client is fully satisfied.

Our Shopify Development Services

Shopify Customization

Shopify Customization

If you are looking to revamp your online store and are tired of the age-old look, then our Shopify customization services can help you build an online store that looks amazing. Our Shopify developers can help you with Shopify theme customization that can get you more conversions and enhance the ROI of your online business.

Theme & Template Development

Theme & Template Development

Our team has a great knowledge of designing and we can help you with theme and template development for your eCommerce stores. You should not settle for a theme that doesn’t show the essence of your business. We can develop and design unique themes from scratch that fosters your business growth and delight your customers.

Shopify Upgradation & Integration

Shopify Upgradation & Integration

Our experts can upgrade your store and integrate third-party solutions and take your online store a notch higher. Our team specializes in creating reliable integrations that connect your storefront with a wide range of third-party systems. We can ensure that your storefront performs seamlessly along with enhanced functionalities.

Site Migration to Shopify Platform

Site Migration to Shopify Platform

Merchants know the value of investing in the right eCommerce platform which is why our site migration services to Shopify are in great demand. Site migration is a complex process but our experts can ensure that it is done with utmost precision. We can assist you with our Shopify migration services without the risk of data loss and hassles.

Support and Maintenance

Support and Maintenance

We can take good care of your online store with our support and maintenance services. Our team works round the clock to ensure that your business does not suffer and your website is free from all inconsistencies. We provide regular upgrades and maintenance to ensure that your online business runs smoothly.

Looking for the Best Custom Shopify Development Services?

Share your brief and get a guaranteed response within 24 hours.

Our Shopify Development Process

Discovery And Planning


Discovery And Planning

Our team carries out thorough research to understand your business needs. After understanding the goals of your business and the expectations of your customers, then create a plan that is tailored to meet your requirements.


Theme Design Services

As per the vision of your business, our Shopify designers create unique and customized themes that showcase your business in the best way possible. The themes are innovative and make a great first impression in front of your customers.

Theme Design Services
Development And Integration


Development And Integration

After properly planning the strategies and creating innovative theme designs, the experts start the process of developing the website. Third-party solutions are integrated to make the website effective and fully functional. Attention is paid to every finest detail.


Website Launch

After developing the website, it is thoroughly tested to ensure that it is free of bugs and other technical issues. The website is then made available for you, your staff, and your customers. Our experts launch the website and make it available on your server.

Website Launch
Maintenance and Support


Maintenance and Support

Our maintenance and support team works round the clock to ensure that your website runs smoothly. We provide regular updates and maintenance to ensure that your customers get the best experience. Our experts can fix the issues whenever the need arises.

Looking for the Best Custom Shopify Development Services?

Share your brief and get a guaranteed response within 24 hours.

Frequently Asked Questions

What makes Shopify popular in the eCommerce industry?

Shopify has various traits that make it popular in the eCommerce industry, it is safe and secure, extension plugins can be used, provides an easy customer management system, offers mobile applications to handle your store, simple product catalog management, and more.

Why choose Candid for Shopify development services?

Candid is a top-rated company that offers the highest-quality Shopify development services. We have a dedicated and skilled team of developers who follow a goal-oriented agile development approach. We create user-friendly websites cost-effectively within the least possible time.

What is the expense to build a Shopify eCommerce website?

The cost of Shopify development depends on several factors and varies from project to project. It depends on the number of features to be integrated, the complexities involved, the scale of your project, and more. Reach out to us and after discussing your requirements, we can provide you with an estimate.

What is the development process of a Shopify website?

The process begins with researching your industry’s market needs and creating a plan accordingly. A unique theme and template are designed to show the essence of your business perfectly. The website is then developed and thoroughly tested. After completion, it is launched and made available for your customers.

How does Shopify work?

Shopify is a completely hosted eCommerce platform and it is completely cloud-based. You do not have to worry about upgrading and maintaining software and web servers. It offers the flexibility to manage and access your business remotely with just an internet connection.

How does Shopify help in growing online business?

Shopify provides opportunities for businesses to scale and get noticed by their target audience. The platform has many search engine optimization features that make your website appear on top in search results. With the integration of third-party solutions, your reach can be enhanced to drive more customers.

Which Shopify development services are provided by Candid?

Candid offers an extensive range of Shopify development services including Shopify customization, theme and template development, Shopify upgradation and integration, and site migration to the Shopify platform. Our team also offers regular maintenance services.

Are Shopify eCommerce websites mobile-friendly?

The Shopify websites are mobile-friendly for you as well as your customers. You can access and maintain your website remotely and customers can browse and shop with their mobiles. These websites work on a wide variety of devices conveniently without any issues.

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