Content Management Solutions

We offer a whole range of content management solutions to suit any and all of your requirements. We can install, modify, customize, integrate and deploy the world’s most preferred CMS offerings in a fast, low cost and completely hassle free manner. You can just log and in and enjoy the ease of running your business.

Solutions We Offer

PHP MySQL Development
We create highly efficient and low cost PHP development projects that are combined with MySQL databases.
Joomla CMS Development
We provide the immense benefits of Joomla CMS in the form of corporate, e-commerce, social sites and more.
Wordpress CMS Development
Personal blogs, corporate sites, ecommerce design solutions and else - we can make Wordpress do anything for you... almost.
Drupal CMS Development
We can customize Drupal to build really large and complex sites for you, we have a Drupal certification to boot too.
Codeigniter CMS Development
We can create simple and effective web applications with CodeIgniter. You will love the powerful framework

The Candidinfo Advantage

  • Easy to use and implement

    Get complete control of your site and its management without any technical knowledge. You can create new pages, add/remove products, images and content and update the site from the back-end without bothering about the hosting.

  • Strategic designs & code

    We offer solutions that are as unique as your requirements. No generic templates and no clone sites. We create special themes, install necessary modules and customize the code and functionality to deliver exactly what you need.

  • Themes for every niche

    Get CMS themes that are built specifically around your offerings and brand image. We don’t modify old templates. We will start from the start by designing a custom theme for you in photoshop specially for you.

  • Excellent Support

    We offer 30 days of free support on all our CMS based development. Questions are answered in detail, issues are resolved without delay and we will also provide you with tutorials and guides if you need any help with the back-end.

Ready to get started?

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