Pay Per Click Management Services

Handing over your pay per click account is equivalent to giving access to your credit card. We can proudly say that hundreds of clients have entrusted us with this responsibility over the last decade. We have handled PPC campaigns for small businesses as well as large e-commerce sites with equal expertise and aplomb. No matter what the size of your PPC campaign is, what's your target market and what your product/services are, our company can deliver the ROI that you never imagined.

Experience the ease of a fully managed campaign

We will do the keyword research, create landing pages, write the copy, set up the ads and monitor relentlessly to improve your click through rates and conversions. As you can see below, our pay per click management services are comprehensive and ensure that we do all it takes to deliver high ROI.

  • S. No.
  • Setting up PPC accounts & campaign
  • 1.
    • Account Set up
      • Google
      • Bing
  • 2.
    • Campaign Set up
      • Keyword Research
      • Geo Location Setup
      • Ad Copy Development
      • Bid Setup
      • Ad Scheduling Setup
      • Selecting Landing Page
      • Implementation of Conversion tracking Code
      • Implementation of Google Analytics Code
      • Implementation of Yahoo Conversion Tracking Code
      • Implementation of Bing Conversion Tracking Code
  • 3.
    • PPC maintenance
      • Landing Page Optimization
      • Creating new landing pages (Recommendations)
      • Setting up Website optimizer
      • A/B Testing
      • Refinement of Ads/Creatives to develop competitive Ad Copies
      • CTR Analysis (e.g. analyzing the CTR to check the most effective Ad copy)
      • Keyword Refinements (if required)
      • Bid Refinements (if required)
      USD $250
      USD $400
      USD $550
  • 4.
    • Reporting Techniques
      • Work reports (including the tasks done for campaign
      • Weekly Campaign Performance Report
      • Weekly
      • Bi- Weekly
      • Bi- Weekly
  • 5.
    • Support
      • Email and Chat
      • Telephone

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